Me, Myself And My Journal
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Me, Myself And My Journal

Give a girl a journal and watch what happens.

Me, Myself And My Journal

Last year for my 19th birthday marking the end of my high school career my dear friend Kristin gave me the journal you can see pictured above. Now I am almost positive Kristin is not aware of the impact she has on my growth as a Christian and who I am today because of this journal but, she will now. Throughout high school both her and I connected due to our similar relationship with Christ and our endless drive in desire to be better Christians with sharing the gospel.

Coming to terms with reality that we were going to different Universities after graduating, receiving this journal was bitter sweet, it marked the end to one journey we had shared over the past years to the new beginnings of two separate journeys, we hope to share some day over coffee. This journal has been inspiring and continues to motivate me, it is what keeps me up in the early hours of the morning writing and here is why. In the journal there is a letter written on the first three pages ending with an empowering bible verse from Psalms 46:5 which is "God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at the break of day." Not only is this one of my favorites from the book of Psalms but doesn't that just make you feel strong and supported? It reminds me that there is a purpose for me here on earth everyday and that I should live life like so.

So Kristin within those three pages you told me how this journal reminded you of me and with clear instructions to write about my adventures, journey through Christ, my relationships, my studies and so forth. I am here today to inform you I have done more than just that, this journal yes a book filled with standard lined paper has inspired me to continue to live life full of adventures, mistakes, embarrassing moments, interesting classes, arguments and even take part in interesting conversations with people who may not share the same view point as me just so I could write in this book to prove to myself that I am living life how it is intended.

To some it is crazy but this simple object has reminded me to live life way beyond what I feel may be limitations and obstacles. I have started to imagine this journal metaphorically speaking as my life, the front cover symbolizing the beginning, the back cover symbolizing the end and with the pages in between as what I am doing and experiencing in this chapter of my life. I refuse to see those pages blank. I see it as life being more than just paper with lines on it, there should be an array of stories and mess ups (I refuse to use pencil) because thats how life is. All because of this journal and how filled it has become and the importance it has bestowed on me I can say I had a fulfilled first year in college and have started to have a fulfilling summer break.

So Kristin from the bottom of my grateful heart thank you. A gift you simply gave me a year ago has continued to put a smile on my face and reminds me of my purpose.

As a side note, I just want to say how proud I am of you, I have watched you and your relationship with Christ transform to greater depths over the course of this year through social media. Not only do you share gods word but you live it everyday, you truly inspire me and others to live larger in gods love so once again thank you.

My goal in writing this is to reach out to people and just inspire those to take a journal and start writing, fill those pages because all of our stories are different and we all have a purpose.

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