I May See Road Blocks, But God See's Opportunities.

Sometimes we hit a dead end. We run into a sign that tells us to turn around, to take the detour ahead or merge because the lanes about to end. These signs and actions are difficult to accept. In fact, I often wish I could plow right through them. I wish I could blink and traffic would be clear, with an open road in sight. But, life doesn't work like that. We don't always get everything we want, because it's NOT always what we truly need.

I think God works this way. Sometimes we want to rush ahead, we want to get that internship, the "perfect" job, that "perfect" relationship or opportunity placed before us. We want smooth sailing ahead. With nothing in our path to stop us. But, more often than not, God has other plans. He knows what you need. He knows your deepest desires and hopes, your wants and your needs. He takes into consideration everything and everyone around you, and sometimes this means that God throws up the 'roadblock' ahead sign.

You see, He places these roadblocks in our lives to challenge us and change us. He takes you down a detour, he asks you to merge into another lane because He sees opportunities that we our to blind to see. He knows who we are to our very cores and He see's roadblocks as opportunities for us to further grow in Him. He see's our lives and our desires, but more importantly, He is able to see our needs.

So, the next time you hit a roadblock, don't look for an opportunity to plow ahead. But rather, sit in this new adventure. Take the detour and you might just experience something remarkable. Follow Gods plan and you might just be given an opportunity that you never thought possible.

Rest in the now and move ahead. But, don't be afraid of the roadblocks when they occur, because sometimes the roadblocks we see as inconveniences, are Gods greatest opportunities.

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