All Of Your Solo Questions Answered

All Of Your Solo Questions Answered

Spoiler alert (duh!)


Solo: A Star Wars Story is the best Star Wars movie that has been made since Disney's purchase of the franchise. For the first time, writers gave fans what we really wanted, whether we knew it or not: incorporation of the lore.

For anyone who hasn't seen Cartoon Network's Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the return of Maul, formerly Darth Maul, was probably the biggest shocker of the film. The last time we saw Maul in a Star Wars film, he was falling to his (assumed) death after getting chopped in half by the beloved Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Following this, Maul returned with some creepy spider legs in The Clone Wars, and again in Solo as a crime lord with the name Maul. When Maul left his career as a Sith Lord, he left his title, Darth, in the past with it. Darth is a title only held by Sith Lords (i.e. Darth Vader, Darth Sidious, Darth Plagueis).

While lots of fans, including myself, are ecstatic over the return of this character to the big screen, others aren't.

Some fans wanted Maul to remain a character whose entire existence was in the hands of The Clone Wars. One fan even commented on a post from a Star Wars meme page saying that he's not a fan of Maul's return in Solo because he doesn't consider The Clone Wars a real part of the franchise. (To that guy, sorry buddy, it's canon.)

Thankfully, Maul's return wasn't the only nod to Star Wars lore in Solo.

My favorite was the use of the most famous card game in the galaxy, Pazaak. Played similarly to Blackjack, Pazaak is a card game that is incorporated into Star Wars video games and is one of the most beloved aspects of Star Wars canon.

Han's introduction to Chewbacca has been long awaited by those of us who wanted to know about the wookie's life debt. The idea of a life debt was first introduced to the canon in the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game. Wookies aren't the type to leave their home and their people, so often when they do it is because they have sworn a life debt to someone who has saved them, as Han did with Chewie. Hopefully, Disney will explain this more in future Solo movies.

Whether Disney introduced all of this lore to the films in order to please fans or to boost sales in other aspects of the franchise is up for debate, but either way, I'm glad they did. And I hope they keep it up.

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