Growing Up Is Wild

Have you ever been so anxious, stressed and ready to be done with school, that you have no other option than to work the hardest you ever have? Have you ever had a mental picture moment, where you find out more about yourself than you ever thought possible?

I can only imagine where I could have been, done or become if I would have learned about myself, my mind and my emotions at a much younger age; but isn't that the beauty in growing up? I ask myself that questions a lot, but it is not about changing the past, because the past is what lead you to where you are now, and regardless if you are happy or not, its where you are.

Where you are is malleable to your own choices and actions, and something we wholeheartedly can either let defeat us or we choose to defeat. This ordinance is prevalent in my life more recently due to the overcoming of trauma I have completed; I have attempted to let go of most of the inner demons I held inside. I talked to people, I talked to myself because sometimes that's easier to do and I let GO. Now, this might seem like a bunch of jumble, and something I only thought of to "write" for my weekly post, but honestly maturity, self-improvement and self- love is the key to overcoming stressful milestones, or anxiously awaiting those big life moments.

This summer I was living in Los Angles, California only a few states away from my home city, with my best friend as she was given a once in a lifetime internship opportunity, and I really had nothing else better to do that summer but get a job, which seemed a ton more appealing in the sunshine state. Anyway, I was sort of on my own a lot; I worked at a yoga shop, and would work mainly early mornings and was back at our apartment around 2 PM, and my best friend would finish her day (including LA traffic) around 6 PM.

SOO basically I had tons of time to get to know myself, and completely entertain myself as well. It all started with the venture down to California, from our home state of Washington. It started with an amazing venture down the coast, stopping in small aesthetic towns down Oregon and California, and was just like the movies; like exactly. We obviously needed to stay a few places on the way down to Los Angeles, so being the pioneer women we are, my friend and I decided to stay in Air Bnb's instead of motel/hotels.

The first few Air Bnb's was exactly what we needed, and somewhere cute and clean we could stay until the next morning, to drive over hundreds of miles again. BUT, the SECOND TO LAST Air Bnb, in the Hollywood central area of LA was a DISASTER. Not only was there no street parking (hence something I learned is very scarce in LA), we had to park with all of our luggage and personal items BLOCKS away in what seemed to be a parking garage made for toy cars.

Luckily the vehicle we were using was compact, but I couldn't have imagined otherwise. Anyway, I have the key in the pocket to the Air BnB as we're walking from the garage to the house, after getting chased by a local LA vagrant down a few blocks: I LOST THE AIR BNB KEY.

And don't get me wrong, I wasn't freaked out at first because I really only had about 3 hours of sleep under my belt, but I was trying to stay calm. As we are back tracing our steps, we notice the exact few blocks we walked WERE NOW GETTING PRESSURE WASHED INTO THE STREET DRAIN BY A HANDFUL OF MEN. So any chance of us even finding this key was long gone, and in the deep LA sewer system somewhere for sure.

As this is all happening, my best friend and I are not speaking, there was too much LA noise for speech to be expected.

We make our way back to the parking garage expecting to sleep there for the night, not to mention we had dropped off a few items INTO the Air BnB before we went back to grab the large luggage, we definitely had to find this key.

THEN, LOW AND BEHOLD, UNDER THE PASSENGER SIDE SEAT (the side I had been sitting on *cringe*) WAS THE AIR BNB KEY. At this point, it was around 4:30 am LA time, and I just wanted to sleep. But we had to be on the road by 7 AM LA time to get to our LA apartment.

Now you might be asking, "what does this have to do with the story? I'm so confused?"

Well basically, I learned how to cope with accidents (we're all human), I learned to not get upset or angry in those situations because it only heightens the tension and worries, basically, the key situation made me aware I need SECURE keychains, and that I need to slow down.

Life is too juicy to let it go so fast, you don't even know where you're going.

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