Why It Matters That Taylor Swift is Only Suing David Mueller for $1
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Why It Matters That Taylor Swift is Only Suing David Mueller for $1

Its not about the money, its about the truth

Why It Matters That Taylor Swift is Only Suing David Mueller for $1

The news is currently abuzz over the (unfortunately) latest trial over whether or not the truth actually matters when it comes from the mouth of a woman. Taylor Swift faces court in Denver over what has become known as the "groping trial." For a quick reference, Taylor Swift was at a meet and greet event for KYGO where their former radio DJ David Mueller reached his hand up her skirt and grabbed her ass cheek.

First, I would like to commend the radio station for firing Mueller after conducting their own independent formal investigation. This helps to make a huge statement that they believe Taylor Swift and that Mueller's actions were wrong and deserved repercussions. We see far too often that the system in place fails the victims, doubts that they know what "actually" happened (especially if alcohol is part of the equation), and assailants never see repercussions even when the evidence is stacked against them. Recent statistics on the RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) website cite that for every thousand cases of rape only 310 are even reported to the police, and only six of those one thousand cases will ever face incarceration. This is not because they were found not guilty, this is because the judicial system is set up to defend them, claiming that it was just "one moment of poor judgement" and they are otherwise good outstanding people who volunteer or are college athletes or have a stellar GPA. Well, here is some news for you: NONE OF THESE THINGS CORRELATE TO LACK OF GUILT. Yet for some reason being drugged, or even speaking to the assailant is enough to justify that the victim is lying. While I realize that their lawyers' job is to defend them and to get a verdict in their favor, but how can you honestly defend people that are so obviously guilty? Is the name recognition or money from a trial that important to you?

Second, many people may criticize Swift for only filing a counter suit for $1, but this is something they don't realize: IT IS NOT ABOUT THE MONEY, IT IS ABOUT THE TRUTH. No one would file a sexual assault suit of this caliber if they were lying. Swift even has security testifying that they witnessed the inappropriate grope because according to the court system her word alone is not enough. When Swift was asked why she didn't make a scene when Mueller first groped her, she commented how she didn't want to ruin the event for her fans. I think that is something admirable and speaks volumes of her character. Even when her personal safety is threatened, she still thinks about her fans first.

You cannot put a dollar amount on a woman's body and Swift is making that statement in her $1 counter suit. I think it is incredible that she is able to do something like that. It is not about the money, it is about justice and accountability. Mueller's suit for $3 million is because he claims it never happened and this money is because he was fired and his name has been ruined. How hard is it for him to just admit that what he did was inappropriate and unwarranted if nothing else?

Thank you Taylor Swift for sending the message that money is irrelevant when seeking out justice, you can't put a price on someone's body or the truth and most importantly that no one should be silenced for speaking the truth.

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