The Media Has Masterminded And Manipulated Us All

The Media Has Masterminded And Manipulated Us All

They know exactly what they're doing, so what are we doing about it?


If I hear one more headline about Kylie Jenner I may actually burst. Figuratively, of course. Not that I have anything personal against her, or the Kardashians (though a little integrity never hurt anyone), or any celebrity for that matter, but I'm tired of their glamorous lives and petty controversy being "news." Even Snapchat has a "featured" section which generally "features" the trashiest sort of headlines, complete with pictures of partial nudity and inappropriate click-bait titles. All in attempt to get that click that lets them know their story sells.


The media is a vicious cycle: Much of America is obsessed with Hollywood so the media knows that celebrity gossip sells... so they produce a ton of it. We click on it—because, of course we do—and since we clicked, the media continues to dish it out. We fall victim to their scheme. If you're tired of seeing trashy headlines, stop clicking on them. If these stories don't get as many views or as much attention, then they won't be as prominent. But we're often more interested in who so-and-so hooked up with at the afterparty than things that actually matter. Here's a great example:

Most of these students don't recognize Joe Biden but they immediately recognize Kim Kardashian. With all honesty, this is quite unnerving and frustrating. This next generation can't even recognize their own Vice President? This isn't only our fault because the media has failed in consistently creating accurate content that matters. I'm certainly not the queen of knowledge, but I do try to keep up with important news and global events. Since the media hasn't done much to help (from botching the facts to providing only one-sided viewpoints), I believe it is my responsibility to be as accurately informed as I can be.

Alright, my rant is over. But in all seriousness, please think about what you're clicking on and maybe invest a little more time into news that matters. As entertaining as Hollywood can be, we should care about more than mindless entertainment. Look up from your phone and look at this desperate world that surrounds you. It needs you more than celebrity gossip does.

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