I Am A Mother And Grandmother, And I Wear A Mask
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I Am A Mother And Grandmother, And I Wear A Mask For These 6 Reasons

I wear a mask and don't have any problem wearing one.

I Am A Mother And Grandmother, And I Wear A Mask For These 6 Reasons

I have a difficult time watching the videos on social media showing an anti-mask person screaming at the top of his or her lungs that their constitutional rights are being violated. Besides, many say they can't wear a mask for medical reasons, but seldom have proof because I hate to say, screaming indicates to most logical people that their lungs are just fine. If it is an emotional problem, which seems to be their issue, then maybe they should send someone else to purchase their items at their local grocery store or make arrangements with the store they wish to enter so the innocent essential worker is not victimized by an angered guest.

I wear a mask and don't have any problem wearing one, but I thought maybe a list of reasons why my friends, family, and I wear a mask is needed to make some understand the importance:

1. I am a mother and a grandmother, most of the people in my circle are parents as well.

We know the importance of wearing masks to keep ourselves safe because our children don't live with us. They wear their masks to keep their parents safe and healthy as well. I miss kisses from my grandkids, but I can wait until it is safe for all of us to enjoy hugs, kisses, tickles, and even some group cuddles.

2. My politics have nothing to do with wearing a mask.

I respect your political beliefs; however, I also respect the medical specialist that insists wearing a mask will save my life like wearing a seat belt in my car.

3. Most mask-wearing people are terrified of the unknown that this virus causes.

The different side effects that come from contracting it can be long term and that scares many of us. With health care costs being overwhelming, most of us are trying our hardest to prevent any additional expenses a disability resulting from being infected would cause.

4. Wearing a mask is easier and less stressful than being intubated and using a ventilator or needing oxygen for the rest of our life.

Fairly obvious.

5. It is easy to turn to a positive or a different angle on the mask issue.

You can mouth words that could normally be read by others, words like calling a person without a mask on an "asshole." You can also be very anonymous, wearing a mask, sunglasses, and a hat, and nobody knows you left the house and are shopping in the local Target buying items out of character.

6. I have found that masks have become a new fashion statement.

The plain light blue or pink medical masks are the go-to when you walk out of the house and forget your mask. But now some masks represent your personality. I find myself on Amazon browsing for at the styles, colors, and branding that are fun and not that expensive. I am guessing many of us will receive or give a personalized mask as a holiday gift this December.

Even though the benefit of wearing a mask can be personal, it can be considered a life-saving action. Like donating blood or platelets, the act of wearing a mask is saving the life of someone we will never meet.

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