My Predictions For Each Contestant On 'The Masked Singer'
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Here Are My Predictions For Each Contestant On 'The Masked Singer'

Who's REALLY behind the mask?

Here Are My Predictions For Each Contestant On 'The Masked Singer'

Warning: spoilers.

At the beginning of 2019, a new and different kind of competition show came to America that everyone instantly became obsessed with, myself included. If you haven't heard about 'The Masked Singer', it's a singing competition hosted by Nick Cannon on Fox, and is based off of a similar South Korean reality show, where each week contestants perform and battle each other to stay in the game.

But here's the catch: we have no idea who each contestant is, because they're all wearing crazy masks and costumes.

Each contestant is supposedly a different celebrity, ranging from athletes, Broadway stars, musicians, talk show hosts, etc., but we have no idea who each one is, unless they are eliminated that week, where they have to unmask themselves. There is also a panel of celebrity judges consisting of Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger, who also have no idea who which contestant is and are trying to guess along with us at home.

The first season is currently halfway through and already a few of the contestants have been eliminated (or unmasked), such as NFL star Antonio Brown as the Hippo, Comedian Tommy Chong as the Pineapple, NFL's Terry Bradshaw as the Deer, Comedian Margaret Cho as the Poodle, actress Tori Spelling as the Unicorn, and talk show host Ricki Lake as the Raven. But there's still a good amount of contestants left, each talented in their own way, but who are still puzzling us all on who they could be behind the mask. That's why I've made a list of predictions on who I myself, as well as others, think each remaining masked singer could be:

1. The Monster: T-Pain

From the Monster's first performance in the pilot episode, I had a feeling that it HAD to be T-Pain behind the costume. I know that we're all used to hearing his voice behind layers of autotune, but if you've ever heard him cover Buy You A Drank acoustically, then you'd also be convinced too.

2. The Peacock: Donny Osmond

At first I thought the Peacock was Neil Patrick Harris (which would be legen-wait for it...-dary). But unfortunately, his voice isn't as low-pitched as the singer behind the mask. Many on the internet have been thinking it could be Donny Osmond because in one of the clues given on the show, the singer put on a wig and said "Because of this, I was thrown in jail," which happened to one of Osmond's characters in a 1999 film.

3. The Rabbit: Joey Fatone

Not only does this singer sound like the former *NSYNC member, but the clues are also kind of a given. The masked contestant revealed before their first performance that "I've spent most of my life onstage, and I've never been alone," which practically screams band or better yet, boyband. They also have insanely talented moves, showing that they're very comfortable moving around stage and are used to performing such routines, which once again, screams boyband.

4. The Lion: Rumer Willis

In the beginning, I lowkey thought the Lion could be Lady Gaga, just because the singer's vocals are talented and they give off a fierce persona, which is exactly who Gaga is. But after a few more performances, a few people on the internet did their research and came up with the idea that all signs are pointing towards Rumer Willis. Some clues that confirm this include that Willis has a lion tattoo on her arm, she's the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore (so she is definitely Hollywood Royalty), has a tribe of women since she has four other sisters, and has performing experience on Broadway and TV.

5. The Alien: Latoya Jackson

This one was a lot more difficult for me personally, since the singer behind the Alien sounds like many different possible celebrities. At first, I thought it could potentially be Paris Hilton, due to the higher pitch in voice and because one clue is that they come from a famous family (and the Hilton's are VERY famous). However, another clue in the second episode was given that led more to the idea of the contestant being Jackson, because they brought out a police badge from claiming they "swore to protect and serve." Jackson was similarly on a TV show where she was deputized as a cop, so now I'm more convinced that the singer is her.

6. The Bee: Gladys Knight

Last but not least, we have the Bee. This was also another difficult one for me, because the voice sounds much older and like someone I wouldn't personally know. But the internet was quick to do their research and are convinced it's Grammy-winning Gladys Knight. For the clues, the contestant stated they don't know how many awards they've received, and Knight has received seven Grammy awards. When asked by the judges, the singer claimed they've been around performing since the 50s, and Knight is currently 74 years old. The Bee also made a comment saying, "You can call me 'Queen Bee,' but empress also suits me," and Knight is apparently known as "Empress of the Soul."

Do you agree with these predictions? Or if you haven't seen the show yet, watch it on Hulu and see who you think these singers could be!

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