Mary Kay's Deep-Cleansing Charcoal Mask Has My Acne-Inflamed Pores Feeling Clean And Clear
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Mary Kay's Deep-Cleansing Charcoal Mask Has My Acne-Inflamed Pores Feeling Clean And Clear

Mary Kay isn't just for middle-aged ladies.

tube of deep-cleansing charcoal mask and face cloth

-Having struggled with acne prone skin for years, I was cautious to try a new serum on top of the other products I've come to trust.

-In my spare afternoons of quarantine, I decided it was time to give myself an at-home spa with my newly found product.

-Not only did my pores feel cleaner than ever, but the redness surrounding my cystic acne was dramatically reduced.

I've struggled with acne caused by dry skin since my early teens, so I was nervous to use a product designed to remove all oil from the face. My boyfriend's mom recently began selling Mary Kay products, and sent me the Deep-Cleansing Charcoal Mask. The consistency of the mask is even, smooth, and spread easily across my dry skin. As the mask dried on my face, I noticed how much "tighter" it felt than other masks I've used before.

After letting the product sit for about fifteen minutes, I followed the instructions and gently wiped it off with washcloth. (The face cloth was provided to me with the product, however, any at-home cloth should do---just make sure the fibers are soft and not likely to cause micro-tears in your skin.

If you struggle with dry skin, this product would be great for you. My skin felt immediately refreshed and much healthier than before the use. After a few times of using this product, I also noticed a decrease in redness around my problematic break-out areas.

Woman holds liquid applicator with charcoal mask on face. Here is me holding the applicator after applying the product to my most problematic areas.

A close up of the silky charcoal liquid on the applicator. A close up of the silky charcoal liquid on the applicator.

I found that this charcoal mask was much gentler on my skin than other charcoal masks I've used before. The silky texture is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin like mine. Moments after application, I felt a soothing warm sensation from the charcoal---which is super relaxing if you're simply looking to treat yourself.

You can purchase this product with a facecloth and plastic applicator. The applicator made for a mess-free application and conserved the amount of product I was using.

Though this may seem trivial, my greatest awe about this product is the consistency of the liquid. Other charcoal masks I've used have been grainy and irritated my sensitive skin. This smooth consistency allows for an easy and gentle spread across the skin, allowing the charcoal to simply do its job of stripping your pores.

As someone with stubborn skin that seems to resist most products, I was pleasantly surprised by the reduction of inflammation around my acne. If you have problematic skin and are nervous to try new products, I assure you that this Deep-Cleansing Charcoal Mask will bring new life to your skin---even if it's dry and red like mine.

If you do buy this product, I'd recommend purchasing the face cloth and applicator as well. As far as skin care products go, this charcoal mask is definitely on the more affordable side---plus with how easy the liquid spreads you don't need to use as much as other products, meaning your supply will last a lot longer.

Buy the Deep-Cleaning Charcoal Mask from Mary Kay for $24.

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