6 Things I've Learned By Being Married For 6 Months
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6 Things I've Learned By Being Married For 6 Months

Being married to your best friend is the best thing ever, and with these tips, it will make your marriage even better!

6 Things I've Learned By Being Married For 6 Months

I cannot believe that I have been married for half a year already! My does time fly. In that time, we have lived in two places in two different states, drove cross country, made friends, started a new job, and had several Pinterest dinner fails.

The best part of being married is that you get to do life with your very best friend. Since we are coming up on six months, I thought of six pieces of advice for those who are married, are about to get married, or if you're just curious.

I am NOT a marriage expert, but I have learned a few things since being married for six months:

Have time for each other

Life is so busy and days can pass where you and your spouse haven't sat down together and just talked or hung out. Something that my husband and I do that I love is cooking dinner together! It's a time we have every day where we can be together and talk about our day. It's a good bonding experience and it's quality time with each other.

Alone time is okay

When you are married you are with your spouse a good chunk of the day. It is so important to have time to yourself to relax and to unwind. Yes, it's okay to tell your spouse that you want to be alone for a bit. It's not a bad thing! For me, I like to take a bath or to run an errand by myself. Sometimes I just need alone time to unwind.

Date nights

Back to the subject of spending time together, have date night once a week! It doesn't have to be anything extravagant, just dedicate a night where the two of you are going to do something together. My husband and I love to go out to eat, because we love food (but who doesn't??). We also like to play video games together or even watch a show together. I look forward to date night all week because it's fun and again, is quality time with your spouse.

REALLY listen

It's important to listen when your spouse is talking to you or venting about their day, but the more important part is to really listen and remember what they say. My husband is so good at remembering what I have said. That's a quality that I really love about him. I'm still learning to remember things, but it is really meaningful when your spouse remembers something you have said.


I always try to do sneaky acts of service because it's fun and I love to help my husband! If I have time at home while he's gone, I try to clean the house so when he comes home it's clean! Going out of your way to help your spouse will make their day better and it will show how much you love them.

Don't go to bed mad

This is something we were told before we got married and it is so important! Always go to bed by telling your spouse you love them and don't be angry. If something is bothering you, talk it out! Going to bed angry will just harbor bad feelings and that is not good in a marriage. Talk it out and go to bed feeling happy and love for your spouse.

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