How To Thank You Summer Intern Coordinators

This summer, I was fortunate enough to be offered a position as an intern in the Marketing Department at a commercial construction and real estate company in Chicago. As a marketing major who knew absolutely nothing about the construction or commercial real estate industries, I wasn't really sure what to expect. I knew it would be good experience, but what I didn't know was that it would turn out to be both the fastest 10 weeks of my life and one of the best decisions I've made in my college career.

There were so many people who played a part in making this such a fun summer, and I'm grateful to all of them, so thank you:

To the office

From day one, I felt welcomed by everyone in the office, from the recent college grads to the CEO. Even though I was just a summer intern, I became a part of the family and felt at home in the office. I never thought I'd be the person that says they genuinely look forward to going to work every day, but I genuinely looked forward to going to work every day, so thank you for making me that person. (Did I look forward to the hour commute through rush hour traffic? Not so much, but you can't have it all.)

To my team

Despite the fact that some of you were a little skeptical about having an intern at first, you got used to me pretty quickly and made working something that was actually fun. I truly enjoyed every project that you gave me and learned so much from it all. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to join such a great team and, of course, for being by far the coolest department in the company.

To the other interns

The summer definitely wouldn't have been the same without you four and my daily detours to your side of the office. From our adventures on-site visits to our weekly intern lunches to our inside jokes, you never failed to make me smile (even though you liked to hate on me for being in Marketing). Thank you for all the times you had to explain to me what the heck something like 50' x 52' bays or a 36' clear height meant and for (mostly) putting up with all the pictures I made you take for our social media.

And, especially, to my mentor

You might have been the most skeptical of anyone in the department about getting an intern, but fortunately, I managed to exceed your expectations and you quickly became my go-to person for just about everything. Thank you for not hating me for the 5,000 times a day that I showed up at your desk asking questions or looking for more work to do. I'm going to miss our many daily chats and all the advice that you gave me on everything from writing press releases to life.

I definitely couldn't have asked for a better internship experience or better people to work with. So to all of you: thank you for an unforgettable summer.


Your favorite Marketing Intern

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