M Is For Margaritas
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M Is For Margaritas

Because they are the best ever.

M Is For Margaritas

We need to have a discussion here about the perfection that is MARGARITAS. Not only are they dang tasty and provide the perfect combo of alcohol and mixer, but a margarita is hands down one of the best drinks to exist. I mean, Jimmy Buffet wrote a song about them for crying out loud! Sure, there are plenty of alcoholic beverages out there, but no one does it like a "marg" can.

For example, they can serve any taste bud. Want to know why? Because a "marg" can come in all different styles. Feeling the classic lemon lime with salt? You got it!

What about something sweeter? Um, have you ever heard of sugar on the rim? Yes. ma'am. You want something a little spicy

, try adding something a pepper garnish.

Would you look at that beauty??!! I don't like anything even remotely spicy but daaang it's time for me to prep my palate for this one.

Don't even get me started on all of the different FLAVOR options. Fruity. Savory. Chocolatey!! MINTY!!! C. A. N. D. Y. The list goes on. Honestly, blend up some carrots and then put those carrots and some Patron into a tumbler, mix it all up, and you got a veggie 'rita. You can even mix flavors. Ugh, the options are overwhelming.

Another great thing about margaritas is you have the option as to how you want it prepared!!! On the rocks or frozen?? One, two, three, four (floor) tequila. Not into tequila?? You could replace it (you're crazy if you do). You could even make it a virgin "marg." Let your margarita choice best suit the occasion.

Because let's face it, margaritas are always appropriate and there's never a bad time to crank one out. Which leads me to my favorite aspect about margaritas...they go with literally everything. Have you ever been to a restaurant where a margarita wasn't a main drink option?? I don't think so! Also, because there are so many different kinds of margaritas, you can pair them with any dish. Proving once again, they are indeed the best.

Oh margaritas...easy to make, of course even easier to order. The fun times are endless with one of these bad boys on hand. Let's get the party going people!! Stop reading this article and go get your groove thing on.

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