23 Mantras To Tell Yourself For Every Mood You Are In

23 Mantras To Tell Yourself For Every Mood You Are In

Words have the power to change you

Emotions are inevitable and unavoidable. You are either in a good mood or a bad mood. While your thoughts and feelings are ever-changing in themselves, they do not go away, and they often change unannounced.

I am one that has always had trouble being in tune with my emotions. I thought that being in a bad mood would do the trick to avoiding all moods in general. I know now that this is not the case, and I have been working on embracing my moods and doing what I can to change a bad mood and keep a good one.

One of the best practices that has helped me is reciting a mantra. A mantra is a statement repeated over and over again until you believe it. By saying these words again and again, you begin to buy into the statement and your mood is either changed or enhanced. Here is a list of moods and mantras that best fit in order to embrace the emotion!


"I got this."


"Fired Up! Ready to Go! Yes we can!"

A special thanks to Obama for using this mantra on his campaign trail in '08!


"Let it go."


"I have everything I need."


"It is what it is."

This one is a personal favorite because it helps me accept every situation I find myself.


"It's never too late to get your shit together."


"Be fearlessly authentic."


"Let curiosity lead the way."


"I can do anything but not everything."

Write this on your notebook or add to a sticky note on your laptop! I love this mantra especially during midterms and finals.


"Don't be moody when you can shake yo' booty!"


"I am worth knowing. I am worth finding. I am worth loving."


"Start Small."


"Be hopeful but not naive."

Whenever I feel bad about something I have said or did someone wrong, I use this to help me realize that I am in fact human and that all of my experiences combined make me who I am.


"I am whole."


"Take the leap!"


"Speak. Even if your voice shakes."

This specific mantra is what first got me interested in looking up words of affirmation in the beginning. It teaches me every day that I have something worth saying and to not be scared into silence.


"Maybe Swearing will help."


"Let your eyes do the talking."


"Nobody is Perfect."

Spoken from a true icon; Hannah Montana. Oh, and you bet I'm going to work it, even if I just fell up a flight of stairs.


"Not my circus. Not my monkeys."

This is the GOAT of mantras! No seriously without this mantra, I would be all up in other peoples' business, but if I say to myself, not my issue, I all of a sudden don't care at all.


"I am stronger than the walls I build."

Use any of these to put your mind and heart at ease and increase your confidence!

Cover Image Credit: Carlos Quevedo

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Because nobody loves you more than she does.

There are many people in your life you are thankful for: Mom, Dad, siblings, cousins, best friends, teachers, neighbors, you name it. You are grateful to have people who constantly support you, who pick you up when you're down and love you unconditionally. But the one person who stands out among the rest of them is your grandma.

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Ever since you were little, you and your grandma have always had a special connection. Going over to Grandma's house for the night was something you looked forward to. She knew how to entertain you at your best and worst moments. No matter what you did together, you loved it. Being with your grandma wasn't like being at home or with your parents – it was better. You went to the park, made cookies, went out to dinner, got a “sweet treat" at the mall, played Go Fish, took a bubble bath for as long as you wanted and got way too much dessert than you should have. You did things you weren't supposed to do, but Grandma didn't stop you. Because at Grandma's house there were no rules, and you didn't have to worry about a single thing. Being with Grandma was the true epitome of childhood. She let you be you. She always made sure you had the best time when you were with her, and she loved watching you grow up with a smile on your face.

The older you got, your weekend excursions with your grandma weren't as frequent, and you didn't get to see her as much. You became more and more busy with school, homework, clubs, sports, and friends. You made the most out of your time to see her, and you wished you could be with her more. Although you were in the prime of your life, she mattered even more to you the older you both became. You were with your friends 24/7, but you missed being with your grandma. When the time rolled around, and you got the chance to spend time with her, she told you never to apologize. She wanted you to go out, have fun and enjoy life the way it makes you happy.

Reflecting back on these moments with your grandma, you realize how truly special she is to you. There is no one who could ever compare to her nor will there ever be. All your life, there is no one who will be as sweet, as caring, as sincere or as genuine as her. Even though you're all grown up now, there are things about your grandma that never changed from when you were a kid. She still takes you out for your favorite meal because she knows how important eating out means to you. She writes you letters and sends you a $5 bill every now and then because she knows you're a hard-working college student with no money. She still helps you with all of your Christmas shopping because she knows it's your tradition. She still asks what's new with your young life because hearing about it makes her day and she still loves you to no end. Your grandma is your biggest blessing (whether you knew it or not), and she always will be no matter what.

Cover Image Credit: Erin Kron

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Life Isn't About Everyone Else, It's About Us

Don't forget that.


It's crazy how much time we spend worried about what others think.

At the end of the day, our lives are for nobody else but us, and that's something we can't lose sight of.

I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, and from the day I moved away, I've wondered what it would be like to go back and continue my life that I escaped from. I felt like it was a chapter of my life I never finished.

However, after being in Florida for over five years, I wonder if the chapter was never meant to be finished. Because I honestly believe that where I am now is magical. And I wouldn't give it up for anything.

I have gone through many phases in my life.

I've been popular, I've been the outcast and I've been unwritten. I've been seen and I've been invisible. I feel like my life experience is very unique, in a way that few can relate to.

And I'm OK with that.

In fact, I love it. I love that I've lived many lived bundled up into one life. It's something that has shaped into who I am today. I am strong, and I am resilient.

I have seen it all. I have heard it all. And most importantly, I have been it all.

I've reached the point in my life where I don't care about what other people think. I care about me. I care about what I think.

I'm far from perfect, but my life right now is close to it. And it's all due to the road I've taken on my journey here. The road that has taken many turns.

Now, as I prepare to start my adult life, the lessons I've learned couldn't be more beneficial. I thank everyone who has helped me get to where I am today. Because where I am right now is beautiful.

I've seen the flat land. I've seen the hills. And I've seen the bottom of the mountain.

I've been at the lowest of lows and the highest of highs.

The only way from here is to continue.

And I can't wait to see where this winding journey leads.

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