Growing up I never had a dog in my house.

I would always go to friend's houses and they had dogs, and I would come home and beg my parents for one of my own. The answer was always the same, "If you want to walk it and feed it and do everything then you can get one,". Being a teenager who really had no time to care for a dog, the dream never came true. I did have a cat though named Buddy who thought he was a dog and was the closest thing to one I ever had to my own.

That was until my friend Lizzy brought home her own puppy this past Valentine's Day.

Duke all cuddled up for his afternoon napElizabeth Schorr

This past February 14th was a day that sadly lacked the usual love and happiness it normally does. But Duke was the most lovable thing that came out of that day and is the best Valentine anyone could ever ask for. He was so small and just wanted to be held and loved. He is obsessed with Lizzy and never wants to leave her side (except when he wants to cuddle with me his Auntie Liz). He is only 7 months old right now but is so well behaved and trained that its like he has known what to do from the day he was born. He is, as one would say, the "goodest of all good boys".

Duke enjoying the fort we made!Elizabeth Johnston

He isn't my dog, and I would never say he is, but he has given me the feeling of what it is like to constantly have someone who is so excited to see you when you walk in the door, even if you were only gone for 30 seconds. He wants to lay right next to you and let you pet him and get all the snuggles in the world. As I am writing this, he is laying right next to me, nuzzled up for his afternoon nap. He only wants what is best for everyone, and wants everyone to be happy, and that is exactly what everyone needs today. Everyone needs a best friend, and the best friend I ever got, was Duke Maverick.

You got games?Elizabeth Johnston

Moral of the story: I am following Lizzy wherever she goes post-college because I can't imagine not seeing this cute boy face every day.

Here are some pictures of the little nugget, that you never knew you really needed but wanted.

Duke's first day in the fam!Elizabeth Johnston