The Law Of Attraction Manifests Big Thoughts To Become Reality
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The Law Of Attraction Manifests Big Thoughts To Become Reality

Acting from the soul attracts a reality you did not see coming.

The Law Of Attraction Manifests Big Thoughts To Become Reality

Ever heard of the saying it's Mind over Matter? There is a theory that you attract the same kind of energy you give out, so if you have a positive perspective and aim to radiate positivity, you will attract positive energy in turn.

"This is not a philosophy, this is physics," - Albert Einstein

For the first time in a while, I've had an intriguing conversation with a classmate and my professor. It started with the small sudden sense of the inner-self resurfacing with curiosity.

Approaching the professor with this rush of curiosity, it transformed into a broad conversation of three curious minds exchanging thoughts, ideas, perceptions, and knowledge to one another. The classmate and I even ended up teaching the professor some things. The conversation started with the concept and argument of human nature, which in turn went on to religion, politics, power, research, psychology, physics, and thus ending in philosophy. Each topic we covered had been related to one another in some way, which led us all to conclude "all is one".

It was a spur of curiosity and spirit that brought us all together because we all had shared that we don't have many people in our lives to speak about these different thoughts, perceptions, knowledge and redefinitions of what we have come to believe. We all wanted to have this conversation and it happened. Had I let my uncertainties control me, I wouldn't have this feeling of myself reestablished through that wonderful moment of conversing with others who are so different than I but yet so alike through our spirit.

I remember watching this TED Talks a few months ago, and I am glad that I took a step toward a big talk. All it takes is an approach, a curious mind, or thought wanting to be shared to connect to another human being.

Just the other day, I had met up with an old friend. She and I went to Elementary, Junior High, and Highschool together. However, we never were close.

We ran into each other on a day I was having hopeless thoughts about humans and society. I thought about how complicated humans are and perhaps it is human nature that we all are out for our own good (which is true when you look at our societal standpoint).

We saw one another. She flashed me with a smile and gave me a big hug. She said, "How are you! You look so sad, are you okay?"

In that moment I felt my heart go from throbbing to dropping. I looked at her and just vaguely summarized what was on my mind. We were holding hands and locking eye contact and I felt her care, warmth, sincerity, and her genuine empathy. She told me that if I ever wanted to talk I could message her. Just like that, as we said our goodbyes after exchanging contact information. I started to feel this tingling warmness building up inside my chest... I really don't know what else to call it besides love, something I had not felt for a while, not for myself, or for even the people around me.

Quickly touching the topic of astrology; She is a Sagittarius and I am a Gemini and we are very alike in spirit and thought, not to mention aligned in the stars.

I discovered she was going to an art school, and the irony was lately I was regretting not going into creative arts. So I decided to spend time with her, connect with her, draw and admire art together. I came over to her home, and although she is Chinese-American, and I am Afghan-American, our culture, souls, hospitality, and our values were the same the second I walked into her door.

It felt like home.

First, we took our shoes off before entering the home, then Angel (my friend) took my bag and placed it in the living room. Her grandmother, not knowing any English, had been pouring me tea, asking me to sit and be comfortable. She was cooking noodles for me knowing I was hungry and offered me chips and salsa as I waited.

As the evening continued, we began to open up and talk about our experience, how we felt, how our experiences felt and how it shaped the way we behaved and viewed the world. She was engaged in the conversation just as much as I was. We had a deep connection. We shared so much together through that conversation. I gave her some advice and insight on how to handle her current situation that I had already gone through. She enlightened me about art, while I enlightened her about psychology and humanity. She even gave me some of her art supplies to practice drawing with. We will now be studying and drawing together every weekend. It was a beautiful moment to experience.

Speaking up and talking about real things, putting yourself out there even if it is for a moment can go such a long way. I believe in the law of attraction and everything does happen for a reason. I believe Angel was a sign (ironically her name is Angel); Angel and I had to meet at this moment for a reason. If I had not opened up, if she had not approached me with her genuine beautiful soul and showed an act of care, these moments, these feelings, these experiences, would not have happened and I can not imagine how I would be today without it.

Can anyone potentially imagine how they would turn out or think or be if one detail in their lives had not happened? We never know. All we can do is put ourselves out there to have big talks, to connect, and to create more experiences we can learn from.

Namaste. <3

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