I'll never forget signing up for my new job like it was yesterday. I was 16 and eager to start making money for myself. I was tired of asking my parents for certain things so in order to receive better, more adult opportunities I got my working papers in and was ready to go. Although I started at a regular job that most kids around my high school had, I knew that I had to start somewhere. It wasn't that entertaining but the customers certainly kept me going as the days went on.

Of course, one part of a new job is your manager training you on what you need to be trained on. In my case, I was already eager to train regardless of how much time it would take. I just knew that it was going to take a while. There was only one thing that got in my way and it was my dance team had practice almost every day which changed my schedule. I wasn't working as much as I was during the summer which allowed my training process to slow down a bit. I then noticed that when I was sent to check out customers there were certain things on the register that I did not quite understand. I would get very frustrated and annoyed simply because no one would simply take time out to train me. As much as I tried training myself in which number went with which fruit or vegetable, it was still a lot to remember.

While all of my other employees were very strong in knowing what they were doing, they would all look at me in question. "How does she not know that?" was something I heard a lot. Another was that even when one of my co-workers suggested that I should learn more they all kept telling her the same thing "she'll get it". Which was easier said than done. That was when I realized that no one took the time out to train me because they didn't want to put the effort in to be patient with me. But this would not be the last time that I would experience this. At my second job the exact same thing happened. I tried to do my best every single shift when I started there but it just wasn't good enough for my managers. But there were some along the way that had my back. I simply could not understand how training someone is such a waste especially if you have moved up to become a manager. There is a reason why they became a manager in the first place.

So I say to the managers that would grow annoyed and impatient with me when I was simply trying to learn and get better, I just ask this: Why is it so hard? Why is it that you put all your effort and time into someone else but you just ignore me and have me do tasks that are almost little to nothing? You want THEM to grow and achieve more but when it comes to me I simply don't matter?

One thing's for sure and it's that I know that I'm not the only one out there. Don't get me wrong there are some managers out there that do a fantastic job of training their employees. As for the other ones, I suggest you start learning more important qualities for being a manager other than feeling like you're the boss. It's not just about being in charge. It's about allowing everyone to be equal and remain equal instead of belittling or hurting them to make yourself feel better. So to each past manager I had, I appreciate the opportunity you gave me. Just know that I wish you had trained me because you wanted me to grow like everyone else. With that said, managers who don't want to train...DO better!