She's going to leave you.

If you keep acting the way you do, she's going to leave and never look back.

She's going to pack up her things and move on. She's going to see that she deserves more than a few hours when "you have time." She's going to cry the whole time but she is leaving you. You need to change. She tried to be okay with the way things were, she tried to change her own mindset, and she gave you thousands of chances. She wants to be with you but you only focus on yourself. As she cries herself to sleep at night, she hopes and prays to a God she doesn't even believe in that you'll give her what she needs. She needs you and your love. That's all. It's so stupidly simple.

She needs you to be there for her in her times of need, like she is there for you.

You're losing her. Every time she comes in last, it pushes her farther away. When your ex is more important than she is. She knows you have parental responsibilities and they should be first, but your ex shouldn't be second. When you ignore her for hours and all she needs is love and reassurance. She never sees or hears from you on the weekends because you are too busy with your other life.

She is going to leave you. The wounds on her heart are becoming too deep and she can't handle always hurting. She can't handle that she hasn't met the most important people in your life, when all she does is include you in hers. She wants to be your family, not an afterthought, not a chore to do. She can't handle the state of this relationship. And as she writes her goodbye note, profound sadness comes into her heart and tears roll down her face, she hesitates. She hesitates...

But then she steels her spine and she leaves. She walks out of the office you met in, she walks out of your life, and she pushes you from her heart and mind. She buries the pain so deeply, she forgets you and meets a new man, one who loves her but who she doesn't love back because you're the one she wants, even as she begs her heart to let go. Please, let go.

She gave you a world of chances. She gave you every opportunity. She tried to pretend you and your ex were over. She ignored how you still went to your ex whenever your ex called, despite knowing it killed her. It killed her. She tried to not feel the way she did but you never thought about her feelings. You only thought about how it was hard for you.

You are going to realize too late that she was leaving you. You're going to call her and she won't pick up. You're going to text her and you'll see she saw it but decided to not to answer, despite the fact she stared at it for hours, heart breaking all over again.

She decided to leave you.

It was so hard. It was so painful and if you think for a second she doesn't love you so much, then you're even more lost than she thought. She had to choose: her or you. She chose herself because she needed someone to choose her. She had to look out for herself because no one else did. You never did.

"She had a world of chances for you, chances you burned through."

She's going to leave you because you made it to the end of the chapter, but not to the end of the book. She'll find her prince charming and you'll be the frog waiting for a kiss that will never come.

In the end, you have no one to blame but yourself.

She left you.

Inspired by Selena Gomez's "The Heart Wants What It Wants"