Man Kills Hundreds Of Deer Then Is Forced To Watch Bambi
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Man Kills Hundreds Of Deer For The Unjust Sentence Of One Year In Prison

A young man is sentenced to a year in prison and the monthly compulsion of watching the beloved movie Bambi, though for a man (along with others) who slaughtered hundreds of animals in the name of profit the punishment doesn't seem to fit the crime.

Elena Garcia\Creative Commons

December 16th, 2018, David Berry Jr., 29, along with his father, David Berry Sr., and brothers, Kyle and Eric Berry, was charged with poaching hundreds deer for a year sentence. What is unique in David Berry Jr.'s case is that with his sentencing he was also placed with the unconventional punishment of watching the Walt Disney movie Bambi at least once a month by his judge, Robert E. George. This sentence is not only unfit for the crime but a debacle of the justice system in itself.

Poaching a serious threat to the safety of the environment as wildlife populations continue to wane in the recent events of climate change, as well as the rising number of endangered species rises in today's age due to these practices. These said practices used by David Berry Jr. and his accomplices were using illegal practices of capturing deer and beheading them as trophies either for profit or to satisfy their sadistic sense of pride, as reported by the Washington Post.

While the inclusion of the movie came from good intentions and heart it is not the most effective way to reform this particular young man. It's a frivolous justice that doesn't match the gravity of his crime which could not only be suggested as him performing cruel and unusual punishment against the abducted animals but maltreatment of their bodies as well. A better way for reformation of Mr. Berry would've been having him volunteer with animal activist groups, or forcing him to take classes on the ethical treatment of animals. Mr. Berry and his brothers were lead by their father down this path though they are well over the age to discern between what is right and what is wrong as well.

The decision of Judge George was not only inappropriate but crude in its discernment. Their mindsets aren't going to change from twelve viewings of animation, no matter how moving it was to him as a child. While changing anyone's beliefs is a strong ambition it will never be as simple as watching a movie, but rather a constant effort to help someone change and their reforms as well through actions and repetition. Not a movie that a ten-year-old used to be scared of.

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