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I remember being younger and always jumping from hobby to hobby, crying to my mother that I wanted to be a karate expert but three days later didn’t think it was for me because I couldn’t get it down immediately. Diving straight into the pool and promising that I would be committed to this next hobby, but within seconds realizing that the shiner hobby was on the other side of the swimming pool.

I’m sure all of us have been in that boat before where we see something we can only dream of doing, and the action of that specific dream seems to far away from your comfort zone. You keep proclaiming that it is something you have always wanted to do and when asked the question, “well, why not?” you seem to shrug and ask the same question back to yourself. So, yeah why not? Why don’t I just put myself out there and pursue that one thing? Is fear of embarrassment really holding that big of a hold on me? I guess in my life, it was. I would record material, only to delete it the moment that I stumbled over my words. I would spend hours writing scripts, only to be reminded that it would only take up fifteen or so minutes of screen time. I would be obsessed with wondering if anyone else will like it and becoming liked by strangers, that I forgot to focus on having fun and exploring a new way to express myself visually.

I spent four years deleting wondrous writing material because of the fear of others judgement over the internet; that was how much influence I let it take over me. And I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t think it happens to so many people who oogle over certain things like how I did over making YouTube videos. Fear can control a lot of action and make the most confident person even doubt themselves. Yeah, sure, making a YouTube video was my little hump to pass, but to you it might something more crucial in your everyday life. Stepping out of my comfort zone is always going to be hardest thing for me personally, but pursuing this small goal makes up for all the anxiety that I felt through all of it.

So, with my hand reached out to hold yours, I ask you what is your little hump to jump over? Is it something you have always admired but never thought possible for yourself? I can tell you from experience that nothing in this world is handed to you, all the experience has to be self-motivated; you will only learn those skills if you can understand that patience has to be under your belt. It’s cliche, but chase those dreams and get that experience for yourself because what is life all about if you can’t oggle over yourself behind that computer screen

doing what you have wanted to do for years. Better off an oops than a what if

Here is my oops:

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