Making Your Goals A Reality

Setting and accomplishing goals can seem daunting and scary. Whether it's New Year's resolutions, or simply making yourself a better person, no goal is impossible to achieve.

This is the year that I started making serious changes in my life. I'm approaching adulthood, and I knew I needed to learn, and grow if I was going to be prepared. In order to be consistent with these changes and goals I had set for myself, I sat down and thought of all the different ways I could do to keep me motivated and focused. This is my list that I pretty much live by, and with this step by step guide to follow, reaching your goals will seem a lot easier!

1) Setting Achievable Goals

By this I mean setting realistic ones. By setting these, you’re most likely able to accomplish your goals and be happier with your successes and outcomes.

2) Setting Smaller Goals

I like to set realistic big goals and smaller goals on how to achieve the big ones. An example I could use is one I'm currently working on. I want to buy a car, and the small steps to achieve that big goal would be first, to get a job, and second, budget and save.

3) Buy A Planner

Not everyone is a planner person, but having a planner or a calendar can help you stay on track of your goals and create deadlines.

Here's a planner that I love.

4) Keep a Journal

I love writing everything down in a journal. Write down your progression weekly or daily. On Sunday night, reflect on your goals for the past week and write new weekly or daily goals for the next week.

Here's a great journal to begin this habit.

5) Create a Vision Board

Visually seeing your goals every morning will help your motivation. You can even place post it notes around your house, or set reminders on your phone.

6) There Will Be Bumps In The Road

Keep in mind that there is always a possibility for setbacks. Expect, and accept, the problems that you may face. Do not get discouraged, lose hope, or give up when you encounter a bump in your path.

7) Last But Not Least, Keep It Fun!

I keep my goals fun by rewarding myself with something small and simple each time I complete one. It can be something such as getting Starbucks, which is personally always my go-to treat.

"It always seems impossible until its done." -Nelson Mandela
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