Making Mistakes Is OKAY

Making Mistakes Is OKAY

FAILURE is a word I don't believe in. I don't think anyone in life ever FAILS

It's human nature, nobody is perfect. We are all created perfectly imperfect in the image of God and we were created to make mistakes and sin. But, we were also created to learn from our mistakes.

So often we make mistakes that are small, we may excuse them or ignore them because no one wants to admit they're wrong. But, sometimes, the mistakes we make can be detrimental to our current or future situations.

FAILURE is a word I don't believe in. I don't think anyone in life ever FAILS, I think we all make mistakes and mess up, I think we all have times we wish we could have done better, but that doesn't make it a failure.

When we make mistakes, we learn. When we learn, we become better; better people, better friends, better learners and better children.

Recently my brother began writing his essay for his college applications and his prompt was "Describe a failure you experienced..". Originally, he began writing his essay around that prompt; he wanted his essay to reflect the hardships his family went through while he was in high school (my life-threatening illness & my grandma battling cancer) and how it had effected his education. He wanted to demonstrate that he realized he couldn't control the health conditions of me or my grandma, but he could control how he did in school. The kid is tough, he has been through things most high schoolers never experience. He had to step up to the plate and hold down the fort while his family's health was deteriorating right in front of his eyes. He had to put on a brave face and act like he was doing ok so my parents wouldn't be more worried than they already were; like I said, he's tough.

When we sat down last weekend to talk through his essay brainstorming he told me the direction he wanted to go in with his essay. He read me the prompt he chose to go off of and how he was going to explain why he had "failed" in his performance in school. He then went on to say he wanted the college essay readers to understand all that he learned from the family situations he was in and he wanted to acknowledge the success he's had since taking back control of his education. He was a resilient kid in the face of adversity, and to me, that is far from a failure.

My brother isn't just tough, he's extremely smart as well. I mean the kid has so many amazing qualities about him that it would take up a whole other article. He has a great GPA and a great SAT/ACT score, plus he's a phenomenal golfer and an overall well-rounded kid. Does he wish his GPA could have been a little better while he was dealing with his family life crumbling around him, yeah of course he does, but the GPA he had then was NOT a failure!

I told him I loved the topic and direction he was taking his essay in, but that I hated the prompt. I had him change it to a different prompt in which he could address the same topic he had wanted all along.

It was so important for him to know that nothing he has ever done in his life was a FAILURE. That is such a negative word. I wanted him to acknowledge the fact that sure, he may have made some mistakes, but so has everyone else. I knew, as he continued writing his essay and editing it over a long period of time, he would start internalizing his high school education as a failure (I mean I would too) & NONE of his hard work in high school was EVER a failure!!

Nothing in life is a failure. Nothing you put your hard work and effort into is a failure. We all make mistakes, and that's what we are supposed to do. We were born with Original Sin, we were born flawed.

It is not the mistakes that we make, but what we learn from those mistakes that define us a person.

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Attention Fellow Bleeders! Period Talk

You Do You(terus).

Fellow bleeders, listen up.
To some, this is still a taboo topic. To me, it is too important to keep a secret. By now, I'm sure you have heard about a "cup" in place of a pad or tampon. Almost a year ago, a Facebook friend shared a post on it. I messaged her with questions. I decided to purchase one since I would be in Disney for my next cycle. #Ballsy. Let me tell you why and what I have learned from the switch.

1. One.
Literally, one. You buy one for the rest of your *bloody* life. One lifelong instead of about 36 a week.

2. Save Money.
I don't know about you, but sales of any sort win my heart. In the seven months of my cup life, I have spent about $20. Before, it was about $10 a week. $10/week x 12 weeks x 12 years of periods = $1,440. Some weeks, you need more than one box/pack. $1,420 could be put towards more coffee, nuggets, bills, savings, whatever you please.

3. Environmentally Friendly.
I try and take my part in helping the environment as much as I can. One cup for life means the ONLY "garbage" is the recyclable box my cup came in.

4. They Don't Dry You Up
This is a big one. Anyone that has pulled a dry tampon out of their vagina, knows the struggle. Tampons absorb natural fluids. Cups let YOUR thing do ITS thing.

5. No Chemicals.
There are chemicals in alternate feminine hygiene products. You put them inside of your body, letting all of the toxins get all up in you. Cups are made of either medical-grade silicone or rubber.

6. Less Chance of TSS.
It's caused by bacterial-toxins. Having a tampon with any amount of absorbency higher than what you're actually producing, is risky. You can get micro tears in you, leading to the *perfect* breeding ground for bacterias. TSS CAN kill you. It is something to really think about.

7. Space Saver.
Under the sink cabinet space, on your dresser, in a bin, on a shelf. Wherever you keep your tampons/pad is a space that could be used for something else, like succulents or speakers. The box isn't THAT big, but I'm sure you've cursed it a few times. The LENA cup comes with a cute organic carrying bag! How convenient?! When I know I'm due, I keep it in my purse or jacket pocket.

8. Sensitive Skin? No Biggie.
I, unlike most, have very sensitive skin. Especially, down under. This means pads would hurt, tampons would itch. Basically, periods were hell with irritants. Cups are silicone. Very soft, vagina friendly, and Maria approved.

Frolic freely on the beach, to a pool, in the bath, or just naked. No gross string will pop out. Nothing there to get pee soaked. The "stem" is the cups string. It's sturdy and does not hang out.

10. Activities!
Do whichever activities you want! Well, almost. Some cups are not sex-safe. Some can be left in, some can't. Take your pick. You can run, jump, tumble, dance, yoga, go about your everyday life as if it is just a normal, non-bloody day.

11. Learn More.
As a cup user, you see your blood. ALL. OF. IT. It is a little terrifying at first, but you can see if something odd happens. You learn more about your own flow. Which, is very important to know about.

12. Blood is Gross.
As I just said, you will see all of your blood. When you do, you'll hear yourself say "that's it?" Yep. That is it. You will see how much you aren't or are bleeding. You might get a very small about of blood on your fingertips, wash your hands. Personally, I don't think cups are nearly as gross as tampons and pads combined.

13. Adjustments.
If you've ever used a tampon, you've probably put one that needed some serious adjusting. You won't waste a cup if you have to adjust it. Just take it out and put it back in.

14. Fewer Cramps.
Unlike you think, cramps normally aren't caused by your cycle alone. Tampons irritate the vaginal wall causing those *bloody* cramps (lol). Cups are soft and sweet to your insides. This takes us to...

15. Comfort.
Yes, at some point you will be uncomfortable. Let it be putting it in at an awkward angle or emptying it in a public place the first time or few. I will tell you, cups are so comfortable, I forget I have my period!

16. Prevents Odor.
You know what I'm talking about. Tampons absorb blood, exposing it to air. That creates that smell. Cups naturally seal to the walls and collect the blood instead.

17. Leaks? Rarely.
I went from at least twice a week to twice in almost a year. The first time, it was my first cycle with the cup and I didn't put it in properly. The second, I forgot I had it in. No, it didn't overflow. I had it in for God only knows how long and spent the night dancing. A small drop came out. It was OK.

18. Less Embarrassing.
No one will hear you opening the cotton bag, or taking it out, or putting it back in. You won't feel awkward having to ask a stranger for one. Hot guy in the store? No problem. I am more confident with a cup than I ever was with plugs and pads.

19. You Never Run Out.
This takes us back to numbers one. YOU ONLY NEED ONE!

20. Do I need to give you another reason?

I will warn you though, if it is right for you, you will try and convert all fellow bleeders. There will be a learning curve. There was when you used tampons for the first time. If you drop it before you empty it, there is going to be a mess (you spilled a cup of blood, big shocker). Sometimes, it'll open before you get it all the way out - not the best feeling, but still doesn't hurt as bad as pulling out a dry tampon!

You might fall in love and rave about it, like me. You might not get the hang of it or maybe you're just not a fan. Whatever, to each their own, right??

**PLEASE NOTE: You cannot pull a "She's the Man" with your cup. It most likely won't fit up your nose.

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5 Reasons Why Nutrisystem Diet Plans Understand Your Needs

Obesity does not actually restrain one’s physical aesthetic but is absolutely harmful to their health in every way.

Recent studies have shown the alarming rate at which obesity is spreading throughout America with nearly 38% of American adults becoming seriously overweight. And 34% of which is being covered by men. It is time we treat obesity as it is supposed to be treated. Encouraging people to accept their bodies as they are may be a positive boost to one’s self esteem but it can result into turning out to be quite toxic for their health.

Obesity does not actually restrain one’s physical aesthetic but is absolutely harmful to their health in every way. It causes tension in your lungs while running or any such productivity, makes your bones weak due to all the weight you’re carrying upon yourself and how can we forget about the mental issues that tag along in such situations.

Men in particular have problems losing weight due to lack of motivation and attention. Exercise may not be the answer to all your problems but worry not as every problem has a solution. Here are 5 reasons why nutrisystem diet plans are ideal for your weight loss program.

1. Routine Friendly 

You don’t have to worry about putting in a lot of effort or time into your already hectic routine and still manage to make a lot of difference to your health day by day. Nutrisystem helps men as a lot of them are too busy or clumsy to look after their own diet.

2. Easy On the Wallet

The Nutrisystem diet plan has all sorts of plans that vary on your budget. Their diet plans start from 9$ to 13$ at highest cost. It has options to choose from basic plan, regular plan, core plan and more. Making sure you are not restricted due to your budget.

3. A Hearty Meal 

Nutrisystem for men especially provides them a meal that will satisfy their appetite without all the fat and calories that harm their health. Plans for men also include Pancakes, chocolate shakes, hamburgers and much more turkey options. 

4. Separate Plans For Vegetarians

If you’re a vegetarian or are planning to become one, we have some good news for you as Nutri system provides a full diet plan with numerous options.

5. Diets Approved by Pro Dietitians

If you feel too clumsy to be going to a dietitian that is where Nutrisystem comes to your rescue as all of the diet plans that it offers are approved by dietitians and contain all of the nutrition and fiber that your body needs. Not only will they help you lost weight but also maintain a healthy body.

A healthy body is utterly important not only for our physical satisfaction but also to rid our health and mental problems. Nutrisystem is a friendly diet plan for people of all ages, whether you’re meat lovers, vegetarians or even diabetic. A little bit of motivation and dedication can cause a lot of changes in your life. And if you promise to stay loyal to your diet and exercise there will be nothing stopping you from getting your goal and ideal body.

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