It was warm and the clouds were heavy and it was early in the morning and the boat rocked back and forth from the waves. The engine was slow and loud and there was a long taut line that cut sharply through the water, slicing through it as it moved with the pull of the boat.

I held onto the line and it suddenly pulled down deep into the water tightly and I felt the fishing pole move in my hands. There was a fight that lasted for a while and I pulled and reeled until the fish was on the side of the boat and high in the water and then it was stabbed and lifted it up onto the deck of the boat. It fought vigorously and then was hit in the head and it stopped moving. The fish was wet and its eyes were like marbles and the back was smooth and Amber with sharp fins like razors. The hook was taken out of its mouth and the fish was put on ice.

This is a memory. To remember it is to relive it and watch it again today. There are parts that are missing and parts that are vivid and in between. I do not remember the words that were spoken or the faces of the fisherman but I remember the feelings and the emotions and I remember seeing and touching the fish.

We value memories because they are part of our past and they are from real experiences that make us who we are. To know our memories is to know ourselves. We know why we are and we have control over how we will be in the future.

A photo can be a tool for capturing the present. It can be an extension of our memory. When we have a photo we have that moment exactly how it was forever. We know what it would look like and we can share that moment more easily with others.

But when a photo can work against a memory is when we devalue the moment itself in order to capture it for the future. We focus more on capturing that moment in an image or video to remember it later, but what we end up doing is losing the moment itself. Not all moments need a photo to become a memory. Some of the most powerful memories will only be documented by our eyes. See, hear, feel, listen, and live. If you do, it will all live with you forever. That is how to make a memory.