Pride Makeup Looks To Rock In June
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6 Bold Makeup Looks To Rock This Pride Month

While you should always be proud of who you are, Pride is an excuse to really let your true colors shine through.

James Charles / Instagram

The days of May have been left behind us as we enter June, which kicks off LGBTQ+ Pride month. Not up to speed with what Pride is all about? Have no fear—the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association states that "events, including gay pride parades and festivals were started in major urban centers to improve the visibility, acceptance and legal protections for LGBTQ people living in those communities." In a report conducted by the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) in 2017, 72 countries still criminalize same sex relationships. Although slight progression has been made when it comes to LGBTQ+ rights worldwide, it is still vital for the community to let their voices be heard and to be visible.

While you should always be proud of who you are, Pride is an excuse to really let your true colors shine through. Whether you are fighting for the rights of your community or just looking to have a fun time, pride festivals are the perfect place to do so.

For those of who don't feel safe or ready enough to celebrate pride loud & proud just yet: you are just as visible and just as loved! One day when you feel safe and ready, you can join the rest of your LGBT family and maybe rock the colors of a pride flag of your choice.

Here are six different vivid, loud, and proud makeup looks to let everyone know you are not ever backing down.

1. Pride butterfly.

YouTube and Instagram beauty influencer Edwin lays down this intricate, bright butterfly inspired eyeshadow look by using the BH Cosmetics "Take Me Back to Brazil" palette ($18) and the NYX Cosmetics "Ultimate Brights Shadow" palette ($18).

2. Trans flag.

Ash, a transgender boy, confidently asserts that "all makeup is gender neutral" as he rocks the official Trans flag on his eyes and lips. Ash achieves this look by using several shades of the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick ($20).

3. "No Tears Left To Cry" inspired rainbow strobing.

Frankie Grande, who you may recognize as a house guest on Big Brother 16, has joined forces with makeup artist Nikki Fontaine to create this rainbow strobing look inspired by none other than his little sister, pop phenomenon Ariana Grande. Frankie wore this look to the 2018 GLAAD awards, which celebrates LGBT figures and diversity. To achieve this look, Fontaine used the Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette ($70), Danessa Myricks artisanal pigments ($15), Makeup Forever Star Lit Powder ($21), and single shadows from MBA Cosmetics ($4.50).

4. Rainbow pride.

YouTube and Instagram beauty influencer TheBeautyByBella does not hold back when it comes to popping some color onto her lids. She serves this bright beat by using the Glitter Realm Cosmetics "Summerita" palette ($45.99).

5. Bisexual pride flag.

YouTuber Millie Goode began a pride makeup tutorial series on her channel in 2017. In this installation, she uses the Morphe 35B Color Burst palette ($22-$27) to recreate the color scheme of the bisexual pride flag on her lids.

6. Drag makeup transformation.

Makeup artist and drag queen Morphine Love reviews the "Life's A Drag" palette ($45), which is Manny MUA's debut launch for his cosmetics brand Lunar Beauty. This is no ordinary makeup tutorial— Morphine Love MUA comes through with a vibrant drag transformation, which only seems fitting for a "Life's A Drag" moment.

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