This Huge $2.5 Million Makeup Heist Has Us Shook

This Huge $2.5 Million Makeup Heist Has Us Shook

As we've all learned over the past week, Jeffree Star had a warehouse that was recently broken into and an ENTIRE shade of his unreleased concealer was stolen.


As Jeffree stated is his tell-all Youtube video, what he believes was an inside job has rocked his world the past few weeks. Just days before his launch of the new palette, Blue Blood, Jeffree, and his team realized that a warehouse had been broken into and later discovered from security footage thieves taking stack upon stacks of his concealer he had not yet released to the public.

In his video, Jeffree reveals that these thieves were definitely professional and entered his warehouse through the roof.

While I was watching this and learning the details, I was really shocked because 1) the dollar amount of items stolen and 2) this was some real Nicholas Cage steal-the-declaration-of-independence type shit.

Jeffree pointed out the connection to the black market cosmetic industry and my mind was even more blown. I had been aware of copy-cat makeup being sold illegally and mostly just fake cosmetics in the black market, but I had no idea the kind of theft these cosmetic companies face from groups of robbers like these.

Another thing about this whole situation that has me shook is the fact that people go so illegally out of there way just for makeup.

These theives are facing a LONG time behind bars if/when they are caught, and even anyone who has been caught purchasing the makeup will be put in cuffs. It's makeup people!!!! The black market is for guns, assassins, and drugs, not Jeffree Star!!!!

It truly amazes me how evil and selfish people can be and to have their values so twisted that they end up stealing millions of dollars in makeup. Imagine being the cosmetic drug lord of the US.

There is probably a whole little makeup mafia out there. Maybe I'm getting carried away, but if this crime was THIS big, you know there is a head honcho around somewhere that is pulling it off.

This robbery is, of course, life-rattling for Jeffree but it is also a bit insulting to his fans who wait patiently for products and respect the idealism of having a huge cosmetic launch and finally releasing a new product.

We know perfection takes time and we respect that he works hard for the makeup he provides us and things are released to us when they are good and ready. For a group to come in and take that away from the experience of releasing a new line from not only Jeffree, but his fans too are ultimately the worst spoiler you can face.

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10 Reasons Why Tom Holland Is The Definition Of Total Boyfriend Material

He's the adorable British dork of our dreams.


Tom Holland first stormed onto the scene as Spiderman in "Captain America: Civil War" in 2016, and we all loved his performance in the movie. However, now that time has gone on, there's another reason he's stolen all of our hearts: He's one hundred percent boyfriend material! He's absolutely adorable, is a complete dork without ever meaning to, and he loves all dogs. There are so many reasons Tom Holland is perfect boyfriend material, but here are ten of the most important reasons.

1. Let's start with the obvious: He's Spiderman.

What girl wouldn't want to date a superhero? Spiderman is one of the best superheroes ever so it would be amazing to date the actor who plays him. Also, if you didn't cry during Tom Holland's final performance in "Infinity War", you're lying.

2. He loves dogs.

Not only does he have a cute pit bull named Tessa, but he also seems to make friends with every dog he meets. It would be so wonderful to play with dogs with him!

3. He's always down for adventures.

One of the best parts of dating someone is getting to try new things and go on adventures with them. Since Tom travels the world all the time to promote his movies, you and he could maybe take time every now and then to try something new, like surfing!

4. He's that adorable British boyfriend you've always dreamt of.

Yes, celebrities like Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch have a more "suave Brit" personality about them, but Tom Holland is the "adorable Brit" every girl has ever dreamt of dating. He's pretty much cornered the market at this point.

5. He's just a really big dork.

I mean, just look at him! I don't think there would be anyone better to laugh or do dorky things with than Tom Holland.

6. He's got a great group of friends.

I don't know about you, but I would love to hang out with Zendaya and Jacob Balaton. All three of these guys just seem like perfect squad goals.

7. He truly loves and appreciates the people in his life.

Tom always shows his gratitude for every opportunity he's been given and never hesitates to support his co-stars. That, to me, is true friendship.

8. He's got a great sense of style.

That is one classy outfit right there. And the muscles are a great bonus.

9. He's well-traveled.

How awesome would it be to see the world with Tom as he goes on promotional tours? Think of all the cool things you could experience together!

10. He's a pure ray of sunshine who deserves the world.

Breaking News: Local Boy is a Literal Angel. He is the Brightest Ray of Sunshine.

So ladies, if you're looking for the perfect boyfriend, look no further than Tom Holland.

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5 Reasons That This Taylor Era Will Be One Of The Most Fun Eras

...Are you ready for it?


Taylor Swift has had many eras. From the simple country era all the way to the darker and edgier era of reputation. I have a feeling that this next era is going to be the most fun and happy we have seen of Taylor.

1. The Music Videos

Everyone, even if they do not like Taylor Swift, will agree on one thing: She has some of the most incredible, eye-catching, and cryptic music videos out there. She's a woman who pays attention to detail, likes to throw in hints about new singles and album titles. The woman is a genius when it comes to planning a music video.

2. The Album

The album. It always comes down to the album. The first singles are never the best from the album. They are enough to get you excited, but they do not show the depth Taylor has when she writes music. Never make judgement or assumptions based off the first couple of singles. She has the ability to take that and completely flip it on its' head. I am definitely hoping for a pastel lovey-dovey dream of an album though.

3. The Tours 

Taylor has a knack for tours. She is one of the most incredible performers out there. I should know, I saw her on the reputation stadium tour. She's so detail orientated that it makes for one heck of a performance. I am imagining a giant pastel dream, rainbows, love. I know I'll definitely be seeing her on the TS7 Tour.

4. The Interviews

"There will be no further explanation. There will just be reputation." was the motto of the reputation era. This meant no interviews, no promo. Her reputation was going to speak for itself. I am happy to say that it seems that she is going to be doing more live performances and interviews this era. I love a good Taylor interview.

5. The Collabs

She has already collabed with Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco for the first single off the new album. Who could possibly be next? Enough said.

This era will be magical.

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