As Jeffree stated is his tell-all Youtube video, what he believes was an inside job has rocked his world the past few weeks. Just days before his launch of the new palette, Blue Blood, Jeffree, and his team realized that a warehouse had been broken into and later discovered from security footage thieves taking stack upon stacks of his concealer he had not yet released to the public.

In his video, Jeffree reveals that these thieves were definitely professional and entered his warehouse through the roof.

While I was watching this and learning the details, I was really shocked because 1) the dollar amount of items stolen and 2) this was some real Nicholas Cage steal-the-declaration-of-independence type shit.

Jeffree pointed out the connection to the black market cosmetic industry and my mind was even more blown. I had been aware of copy-cat makeup being sold illegally and mostly just fake cosmetics in the black market, but I had no idea the kind of theft these cosmetic companies face from groups of robbers like these.

Another thing about this whole situation that has me shook is the fact that people go so illegally out of there way just for makeup.

These theives are facing a LONG time behind bars if/when they are caught, and even anyone who has been caught purchasing the makeup will be put in cuffs. It's makeup people!!!! The black market is for guns, assassins, and drugs, not Jeffree Star!!!!

It truly amazes me how evil and selfish people can be and to have their values so twisted that they end up stealing millions of dollars in makeup. Imagine being the cosmetic drug lord of the US.

There is probably a whole little makeup mafia out there. Maybe I'm getting carried away, but if this crime was THIS big, you know there is a head honcho around somewhere that is pulling it off.

This robbery is, of course, life-rattling for Jeffree but it is also a bit insulting to his fans who wait patiently for products and respect the idealism of having a huge cosmetic launch and finally releasing a new product.

We know perfection takes time and we respect that he works hard for the makeup he provides us and things are released to us when they are good and ready. For a group to come in and take that away from the experience of releasing a new line from not only Jeffree, but his fans too are ultimately the worst spoiler you can face.