As with fashion, music, and other trends, makeup constantly evolves and changes. The styles, looks, and products that are popular one year are often found on the clearance shelves the next. However, there are several things that NOBODY should be doing, regardless of popular trends.

1. Having Rectangles for Eyebrows


Ladies, PLEASE stop overfilling your brows. The bold bushy brow took the spotlight in 2018, and that is completely fine if it's how your hair naturally grows in. However, myself and many others are tired of seeing ridiculously dark, overdrawn brows that resemble a rectangle more than an eyebrow. Brows should be filled in with small brush strokes along the natural hairline and faded toward the inside where hair is more sparse.

2. Bad Spray Tans


As someone who has had both awesome and horrible spray tans, sometimes it is better to not test your luck. Using self-tanner at home is even riskier, as you likely can't reach your mid back or apply in perfect circular motions. Turning out splotchy, orange, and streaky is the last thing you want, as pictures will especially highlight these things!

3. Cheap Matte Lipstick


There's nothing worse than having butthole lips. Ladies, you know exactly what I'm talking about... matte lipstick sinks into the creases in your lips and begins to resemble something we definitely wouldn't want on our face. Cheap matte lipsticks dry out your lips and are full of chemicals that solidify the lipstick and make it flake off in pieces. Not exactly ideal.

4. Fake Freckles


Apparently, it has become a trend to dot your cheeks and under eyes with a brown brow pen to simulate freckles... what?! If you don't have freckles, then you don't have them. Attempting to recreate them will likely leave you with brown smudges all over your face by the end of the day. Just please don't do it.

5. Colored Highlighter


Beauty guru Jeffree Starr made a trend out of this, selling highlighter in a variety of rainbow colors. Highlight is supposed to lightly bring out your features and add a glow to your face... why should it be blue? Stick to skin tone highlights and avoid looking like a clown.

6. Bad Hair Extensions


Hair extensions can be beautiful and natural looking if done by a professional in a hair salon. Because this typically runs around $400, many have attempted to take matters into their own hands. Please do not order hair extensions on Amazon and glue them in yourself. The point is to look like your hair is naturally that long, and DIY extensions are often clumpy and far too obvious

7. Overlined Lips


This hasn't been as prevalent in the past year with the rise in lip fillers, but I still see it occasionally. We all know your lips aren't that big. It's a waste of lip liner and doesn't look natural, as makeup is supposed to enhance your natural beauty, not completely change it.

8. Too Light/Dark Foundation

This seems to be a continuous problem regardless of the year. Beauty stores such as Ulta and Sephora would be more than happy to color match your skin and help pick a foundation that is perfect for you. Frankly, there is no excuse to have mismatched foundation that causes your face to look completely different than the rest of your body

Makeup is constantly changing, and each year many women reflect on past trends and their shortcomings. For this year, let's leave these eight things in the past.