10 Ways To Make Your Senior Year Less Stressful
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As we get closer and closer to our final semester, we often times start to suffer from what the masses call "senioritis."

Senioritis comes with many indicators, including but not limited to frequent over sleeping, constant procrastination, and poor attendance records.

It happened to me in high school. Then it happened in community college. And now yet again I'm suffering from all of the same symptoms.

If you're anything like me, these bad habits come with the feeling that you own the school. Let's face it. Seniors tend to sometimes act and feel a little more entitled than the other students. The truth is we deserve to feel that way. We've worked our butts off and now it's our time to kick back and enjoy every last moment of undergrad.

While it may seem like we are making the best of our year, the truth is a lot of us are just being lazy and putting ourselves at a disadvantage.

Thus, here are 10 ways to reground yourself and keep your senior year moving smoothly.

1. Log Your Assignments


Keep track of homework, projects and exams in your planner. Break out your syllabi and log everything at the beginning of the semester that way you can avoid any "surprise" assignments and late penalties as a result of forgetfulness.

2. Time Management 


Manage your time by making a schedule for yourself. Allot time for yourself to complete those assignments you logged. Sticking to a set plan will help you to avoid procrastinating and cramming.

3. Wake Up An Hour Earlier 


Set your alarm for an hour earlier than you actually need to be up. It allows you the freedom to press snooze a couple of times without worrying or maybe you can even fit in a workout before starting your day.

4. Pick Out Your Clothes The Night Before


Layout your clothes the night before so that you aren't faced with any "tough" decisions in the morning.

5. Actually Attend Your Classes


Showing up to class can make things so much easier. It gives you the opportunity to ask questions before it's too late but also earn easy points towards your final grade. Also, saving up those freebie absences can really be helpful when you're in need of a mental health day!

6. Keep A Healthy Diet


Eat healthy. Avoid those vending machine meals and opt for some of the healthier offerings the dining hall has to offer.

7. Keep Your Resume Up To Date


Utilize the resources of your schools Career Services department. They can help you update your resume and keep it in tip top shape. This will give you an edge when applying for the jobs and internships you're looking for in the end of your undergrad career.

8. Work Ahead When Possible


Finish the race sooner, by working ahead when possible. This will allow you more time to relax or study when then end of the semester rolls around.

9. Apply For Graduation ASAP


Make sure you apply for graduation as soon a possible to assure you aren't dealing with any roadblocks. No one wants to miss out on their commencement because of something as simple as forgetting to fill out a form.

10. Give Yourself A Break


Make sure you allow yourself some time to stray away from your school work and responsibilities. Sometimes at the end of a hard week all you need is a drink and some dancing to get you by. Plus, if plan to go out on the weekends it can give you motivation to get your work done sooner rather than later.

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