9 Things That Make The Most Out Of Any Break From School

9 Things That Make The Most Out Of Any Break From School

TGFAB: Thank God for a break.


The best time of the semester, I think we can all agree, is the end of it of course. But the second best time is that mid-semester break. After hyperventilating about mid-terms and cramming in group projects, so you can take a break from all the commotion is really helpful for anyone's psyche. Here are some things that you can do to make the most out of your break...

1. Recuperate

The semester takes a good toll on your body. From the mind to the outward skin you feel exhausted when it comes to the break. If that describes you then take this break to just relax and take your mind off school for a little bit. We all know how hard you have been working. Go and live your best life for a couple of days!

2. Go See Family

There is no place like home. That is the truth and we are sticking to it. Go see Grandma for some cookies and maybe that lecture from your Mom about your midterm grades won't be so bad.

3. Binge Watch Something

This is the perfect time to catch up on some of the shows that everyone you meet has recommended to you. You may not be able to get to all of them, but at least you will have some new shows to put into your queue.

4. Spend Time With Yourself

Being in school all the time means being around people all the time. Whether that is professors, students, friends, peers, co-workers, etc. Put your phone on do not disturb mode and draw you up a nice bath to sulk in. Blast your favorite music in your solitude. Enjoy yourself while nobody is watching!

5. Take A Trip

Gas up the car and head out on the road. Go to that restaurant you saw Guy Fieri eating at that made you salivate. Go to another state and represent for your hometown. It may be a little late to book a hotel, but that is why we have Airbnb. So get on the road again!

6. Catch Up On Work

We all get it. You overslept for your class three times and have missed some homework. Professors love giving out extra credit assignments and work during breaks. If you are one of the unfortunate ones I would suggest that you take this time to catch up on some school work. And even possibly get ahead, so you aren't stressing out as much.

7. Clean Up Your Internet Presence

There are not enough hours during a regular school week to be sitting on your phone all the time. Take this break to work on your resume and clean up some of your social media. Add some customization to your phone and organize yourself. There is nothing worse than having a messy desktop and room at the same time.

8. Do What You've Been Doing

Some people just have it all together, don't they? Well if you are one of those people keep on doing what you are doing. The rest of us will get on your wave soon enough.


This is probably self-explanatory, but man how great is it? Every single day of this break you have no obligations (unless you made some), nothing to do (unless you do), and nowhere to be (unless you're doing number five). Hop in the bed and become friends with pillow and blanket. Catch as many Z's as you can.

All in all, having a break is something that we all need whether we will admit it or not. So go out and enjoy time away from stress.

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5 Spring Break Plans That AREN'T The Beach

The beach isn't the only worthwhile destination to consider for spring break.


Sun, surf, and sand: an ideal combination that draws thousands upon thousands of college students to the beach every spring, but that may not be the only worthwhile destination to consider for spring break.

1. Road trip to see the wildflower blooms out west

If you're a flower fanatic like me, the news of the rare wildflower blooms across Texas and California must've sent you into a frenzy, too. Every day, I read another article about the post-drought paradise that has recently sprung up across the southwestern part of the states. To be honest, a road trip wouldn't be my first choice for a vacation, but a road trip to see flowers sounds like a dream. Just know, if you plan on making the drive, I'll stow away in the trunk to tag along.

2. Weekend trip to visit/surprise out-of-state friends

Spring break schedules scatter across the months of March and April for much of the nation's colleges. As it goes, your out-of-state friends' and your break will almost never line up. Even colleges within the same state often have varying break schedules. So, the likelihood of planning a vacation to the beach altogether is slim to none. Why not surprise them for the weekend??? (Or possibly, give them a heads up beforehand). Either way, I know I miss the heck out of my high school friends and would be so overjoyed to find a weekend to hang out. Even if nothing majorly eventful happened, just seeing a movie and grabbing dinner would be worthwhile.

3. Take a day trip to a state park

While I wouldn't typically consider myself to be an outdoorsy gal, I've been on a couple of hiking/camping trips that I'd plan again. Although most people probably aren't park experts when it comes to their own state, Google is just a tap away. You may be surprised to find out just how many state parks are in your state. Also, some of them may very well be close enough for a day trip. Round up a small group of friends and head outdoors for some fresh air and nature. Plus, I'm sure there'll be plenty of scenic locations to snap a pic for the 'gram.

4. DIY projects

Has your Pinterest board been filling up since Thanksgiving? Who said you have to leave the house to make the most of break? Personally, I'm fully content with spending my free time working on projects. There a few feelings more rewarding than finishing a long-awaited project. Painting is my hobby of choice, but there are so many other crafty hobbies and creative outlets out there. Why not take some time to create a new piece for your apartment?

5. Pick up shifts at a food kitchen or animal shelter

No, this idea may not be vacation-related, but it's certainly a great way to fill the time. Gather a group of friends and head to the local animal shelter to walk the dogs, or possibly, organize a group shopping trip to pick up groceries for a local food bank. Maybe, even consider signing the group up for a few lunch or dinner shifts at your local soup kitchen. Yes, you may want a break over spring break. However, the day-to-day struggles people face don't provide them the luxury of taking a break. You can have your downtime, but there are plenty of hours beyond your relaxing to put towards a good cause.


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