Maintaining Long-Distance Relationships 101

Long-distant relationships are perhaps one of the hardest things anybody can do. You are at point A, while somebody you truly care about is miles away at point B. Distance brings upon so many problems. There is a trust issue, a jealousy issue, a connection issue, just to name a few. Sometimes it is really hard to move past this and maintain a healthy relationship.

I have had the "pleasure" of suffering through all of these problems. I am in a very long-distant relationship with my best friend. I get jealous when she hangs out with other people, and vice versa. Oftentimes it is hard to connect with someone who is a hundred miles away. On the flip side, I think that having a long-distant relationship with someone can be beneficial. It made me learn how to keep things positive and strengthen our relationship. At the end of the day, maintaining a long-distance relationship isn't really that hard, there are just five things that you need to keep in mind:

1. It's okay if you don't talk every day.

You are not going to talk as much as you guys used to, and that is okay! You have to remember that you are in one place, and your friend/significant other is somewhere else. You both are living different lives and sometimes it is easy to get caught up and forget to send a text or call. At the end of the day, its quality over quantity. It is more about what you talk about, not how many times you do so.

2. Reassurance

Make sure you let your long-distance partner know just how much you care about them. Little things can turn the day around and make someone feel loved. Send memes or recommend songs that you know he or she would like. Going out of your way and giving them something that they will appreciate will expose your true feelings and could also encourage them to do the same.

3. Be There

Dependability is key. If you know that your partner is down or struggling, you have to be there to listen to their problems. Setting aside time to be with someone, even if it is through a phone, really makes a relationship stronger. It shows that you really want things to work out and be permanent.

4. Humor

Keep the relationship exciting and weird. You don't want to be having the same conversations every day. Throw in some jokes, act a little peculiar, make each day different. If the conversations are entertaining, your partner will want to keep talking to you.


The most important thing to help maintain a long-distance relationship is seeing each other in person. Talking does get boring after a while, it's inevitable. You must set time and money aside in order to see your friend/significant other. Even if you can only see them for a few hours, it matters.

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