In the hot, humid air, in Dover Delaware, Magic Giant made an appearance at Firefly Music Festival eager to perform their eccentric music for thousands of people. Whether spectators came for one single day or bravely decided to camp out for all four days of the festival, battling the scorching heat, they all accomplished a collective goal: to witness greatness from musicians as they pour their heart and soul into their performances.

Magic Giant is one of the many artists that had the privilege of allowing fans to come together to truly connect and resonate with their music. With this being their first year performing at Firefly, the band was overwhelmed with excitement for people to experience their show. "We're super excited to perform at such a cool and well-known festival this year because it's such a great platform for us," said band member, Austin Bisnow. Firefly, is indeed an incredible platform, as are most music festival across the country.

In fact, music festivals are the leading inspiration for the direction the band wanted to move in. Member, Zambricki Li explained, "When we decided to make a record it was right before last year's festival season, and we had all these really cool shows." He elaborated on this idea and said that looked at our tour schedule and it looked like the best family trip ever, so the band bought a shuttle bus and turned it into an eco-friendly recording studio, with solar panels on top. Bristow also added that the band realized nature became a really cool element because, as Zambricki said: they had a bunch of really cool shows planned that were around incredibly scenic parts of the country. Nature was a key element for the sound the band wanted to produce. Bristow joked, "Why not record in a daisy field instead of a recording studio with dry walls and ceilings?" We realized nature became a really cool element. Why not record in a daisy field instead of a recording studio with dry walls and ceilings." So, that's how the magic was created, that gave Magic Giant their distinct and unique sound.

You would also be surprised, and amused to know one of the band members, Zang's, inspirations for pursuing music. He proudly stated that The Spice Girl's caught his intention when he first listened to their classic and iconic song, "Wanna Be." This hit, that everyone can't help but dance to when they hear it, blew Zang away because of the attention it got from millions worldwide. "That was a pivotal moment for me when I realized the power of music," he expressed.

Magic Giant is a band that is on the rise and is hungry for more. Check them out on Spotify, Apple Radio, and iTunes!