The Best Magazines And Quarterlies Available Now
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The Best Magazines And Quarterlies Available Now

Print media isn't dead.

The Best Magazines And Quarterlies Available Now

In a time where print publications are becoming obsolete there are still a few dedicated magazines and quarterlies that don't look like they'll be going anywhere anytime soon. Focused on content and culture rather than faux stories about pop stars, here are the best available right now:

1. Dazed

British based Dazed magazine- formerly known as Dazed & Confused- covers art, fashion and media among other things. On stands this month is their annual Dazed 100 issue in collaboration with Calvin Klein, described by them as being "the definitive guide to the creative forces set to shape the year ahead." Singer, actress and model Sky Ferreira graces the cover to promote her forthcoming album, Masochism.

2. Fader

With its main focus being music, but also touching on style and culture, Fader magazine has become one of most admired magazines among music lovers. Fader offers two covers with each issue, available now is the Global Issue covered by reggaeton singer J Balvin and rapper/producer Davido.

3. Vice

Vice has seen incredible success and even recently grew to have their own cable television channel but many people forget how they got their start. Vice started as solely a magazine in Montreal back in 1994 and later expanded to Vice Media. You can get a copy of vice for free at American Apparel and other select retailers.

4. Paper

Best known for teaming up with Kim Kardashian in an attempt to "break the internet," this month's Paper magazine cover star is her younger sister Kylie Jenner. With Paper's focus being on fashion, entertainment and all things internet Jenner made the perfect star for their "YOUth" issue.

5. V/ V Man

Issuing both V and a men's edition, V Man, with each release V has become one of the premiere fashion and culture magazines. V's annual 100 issue is also on stands now and features pop music and pop culture royalty, Brittney Spears on the cover. The cover and spread were shot by famed fashion photographer, Mario Testino so it is sure to be a can't miss issue.

6. Art Forum

Essentially the Vogue of art, Artforum is the leading publication for contemporary art and one of the most influential voices. Artforum was founded in 1962 in San Francisco and is now New York based. Each cover features the work of a single artist and gaining the cover is one of the most sought after achievements in the art world.

7. The Pitchfork Review

Pitchfork has become one of the leading outlets for music news and reviews, so in 2014 they began releasing, The Pitchfork Review. The quarterly includes album reviews, interviews, comics and a great deal of other content. Issue 8 is available now at

8. Thrasher

You may have seen a Thrasher shirt being worn by Tyler, The Creator and friends but the apparel serves to pay homage to Thrasher magazine. Thrasher was found in the early 80's but the skateboarding subculture is still alive and well and Thrasher is still here for fans. Thrasher features skateboarding related reviews, articles and photography and crowns a "Skater of the Year" annualy.

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