We Are Made With Stardust

The stars don't care about the disasters down here; in fact, they couldn't care less about any of us. That's why the burn so bright. That's why they are the painting the sky chooses to put up every single night. They simply don't let anything dull their shine.

We see these tiny dots that work together endlessly to create constellations and we praise them every time the sun sets. We sit and stare at these floating balls of gas until our eyes fall weary and we never judge them for flickering. People don't look up at the stars and criticize them for their light, we don't call them selfish or greedy for covering the sky.

So why do we critic the people that walk this earth with us if we can openly applause stars millions of miles away? The remarkable thing is that every atom in your body came from a star that exploded and drifted down to the ground. I mean think about it, the atoms in your left and right hand, every limb in your body could've been made from a different star. We are made with stardust; our bodies are filled with remnants of stars and a part of the universe is inside us.

Instead of basing our opinion on first impressions, we need to take the time to look at people the way we do the stars because we have stardust in us too. We are different in every single way just like the 100 billion lights that shimmer above us, not a single one is the same size nor do they shine with the same kind of intensity; like us.

We were not made to compete with one another. Like the stars, we are all born and we all die, there is no room for pessimism or negativity in this life. Maybe if we learned to look at each other as a star, an individual that is beautiful and unique in their own way, then we could create astounding things like the constellations behind the clouds.

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