Yes, You're STILL Lucky To Be An American
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Yes, You're STILL Lucky To Be An American

Stop taking things for granted.

Yes, You're STILL Lucky To Be An American

Truth be told, I am personally sick and tired of hearing "Trump is not MY president" or "I'm gonna move to ___ because Trump is president", and then everyone who does not support him starts bashing America as a result.

Yes, America has its problems and issues (as every country does). Our economy may not be the best, Trump may not be your ideal president, and we may have strong controversy on certain societal issues, but take a look at other countries and what they're facing and then come tell me you hate America.

I bet, you, sitting on your couch, are using your brand new iPhone to tweet all of your negative feelings about the country you live in. Where, if you lived anywhere else, may not even have half the privileges you don't even think twice about every day.

Go live in North Korea, which is ranked as the #1 most oppressive place in the world for Christians, who are being persecuted every day.

Go live in Haiti, where 80% of the population is below the poverty line,

Go live in Syria, where there has been an ongoing war since 2011, where over 500,000 people have been killed, where 2.8 million children are trapped in hard to reach places, 281,000 living under siege and 2.3 million forced to leave the country.

Go live in Yemen, where there is famine, air bombardments, rocket attacks and economic blockades, with over 4,000 civilians dead

Go live in Afghanistan, where "the Taliban are gaining ground; the Haqqani network is responsible for attacks in major cities, and the Islamic State has claimed a series of attacks targeting Shiite Muslims that appear intent on stoking sectarian violence."

This article's purpose is NOT to just point out conflicts in other countries to glorify America. This article's purpose is to show you that there are places where it's worse, and there are bigger problems than the president you support not winning. You should be lucky to be living and breathing where you are. Some people don't get that privilege.

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