If You're A Lower Division Nursing Major, You've Thought These 13 Things
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Student Life

If You're A Lower Division Nursing Major, You've Thought These 13 Things

"This is not the life of Meredith Grey."

If You're A Lower Division Nursing Major, You've Thought These 13 Things

You came to college under the expectations that it was going to be just "nursing school." After one semester of chemistry and getting four hours of sleep every night, you realize this is not for everyone.

Lower division seems likes a never-ending two years that is leaving you wanting to switch your major. Seeing the upper division students leave their clinical is your new Monday motivation.

You've come way too far to quit now.

1. Why am I here

It's the second semester of your freshman year, and you are ready to quit. Somehow, you've signed up for a five-semester major that seems like it will never end. You don't even know if you like it.

2. My advisor thinks I'm insane

How many emails can you send in one month is the real question here.

3. Will we even use Chemistry?

If you haven't already dropped 105, you're wishing at this point that you had. It's like a bad ex-boyfriend that makes you think he's important… it's not.

4. Are the scrubs heavy?

There they are visions of beauty in their red scrubs. So, accomplished yet so stressed.

5. Why did I need that math course?

Whether you took 110 or 112, it's obvious that our chemistry is enough math in itself.

6. The threads/memes on twitter about us are accurate.

No, we aren't being dramatic. We don't even have the time to create the little twitter threads so enjoy yourself.

7. If the chemical gets on my skin, will I really die?

Honestly, the pre-lab is freaky enough describing all of the side effects. If the acid causes cancer if touched, then why are we doing this?

8. I feel stupid

You cannot understand anything that's going on. It's okay though because no one else does.

9. I can professionally manipulate learn smart

You can make the predicted 20 minutes left just 10 minutes. You're a wizard, but not when you get the test grade back.

10. My GPA has never been this low.

You probably had A's and B's all through high school. Welcome to the College of Nursing.

11. Maybe I should switch to Education

You like kids. Sorta.

12. I'm not walking there and I don't care if I get a ticket.

You're gonna park there and risk the $50 ticket. Nothing is worth the five-mile walk. Also, why is the building so far away? Was that just to add to the difficulty of the major?

13. Will I ever make it in?

You will. You've got this. It's not like your GPA determines it. (;

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