I Love The Holidays Because Cold Weather Warms My Soul
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I Love The Holidays Because Cold Weather Warms My Soul

From cold bodies to warm hearts, the season of giving is coming too soon.

I Love The Holidays Because Cold Weather Warms My Soul

From cold bodies to warm hearts, the season of giving is coming too soon.

Cold weather, you old friend

My personal favorite time of the year is when it gets cold out and I have the constant urge to snuggle up with my significant other. Even if you don't have a significant other, I hope you can relate to cuddling up in that special blanket prepping for a Netflix binge-watching session. I know I've been there regardless of my relationship status. I also am passionate about my need for warm drinks to warm me up. The smooth convenience store French Vanilla Cappuccino holds a special place in my heart. Oh, cheap hot drink, you get me every time.

Big. Dinners. For. WEEKS.

The decadence of a nice holiday season meal with leftovers for weeks is I think my favorite part of the whole season. Ham or turkey, no matter the meat, simple leftover meat for lunchtime sandwiches with something other than deli meat is always a favorite of mine. Of course, I am a little on the larger side of things and come from a slightly southern family, so good eats is always an option. On a diet? Good luck bud.

Positivity, put on that big smile!

The thought of how my relatives always get together, no matter our problems throughout the year, to spend time with one another and enjoy each other's company is almost a family tradition. I have always been one to hate the fake smiles from family I'm not that close with, but I am not one for conflict by any means. I'm one to be genuinely sweet to others, regardless of the situation, especially during the holidays and with family. A family doesn't give up on other family members. I feel my place during the holidays is to be positive all around. In work, in school, and in my personal life. I am non-religious, so I don't believe it's my duty, but I believe it is important to within my own morals. It's the season for giving, is it not?

Is it worth more money than the happiness it truly gives?

Holidays can be stressful no matter the amount or closeness of family. I think one reason that almost anyone can relate to is the financial burden, and what those next few months will look when you start racking up bills, interest-free or not. I think a lot of it is the effort put in by others. No matter the monetary value, I appreciate any amount of effort you put into gifts for me. I'm a sucker for construction paper cards and homemade crafts. I know, how masculine of me, but the thought and creativity put into something special are so sweet to me. The time it takes to think of something and then handmake it will always outrank the hours spent standing in a line on the craziest shopping day of the year.

Don't forget!!!

To those who have struggled to try to make others pleased with holiday festivities, don't overthink it. No matter the gift, the holiday dinner menu, or the amount of time you can give to others, the most important is your care for them. This time isn't about money, although in times like this it may seem like it, giving anything to others is a general idea. Give your time to them; watch a funny movie to even the turmoil, make them their favorite specialty drink or treat to let them know you thought about them, or even send a card if you're far off. It's not what you have, but what you can offer. It's the effort. Don't let others think you've forgotten about them. Spread the love, no matter the recent or old events. As too many have said, it's the thought that counts.

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