Love doesn’t come when you think you’re beautiful enough or funny enough. It comes when you are confident in yourself. No one wants to spend their life with someone who is uncomfortable with the person they are.

Just think of all the people who love you.

Think of all the people you love.

What if the one person who was your everything told you they didn’t love themselves? What if they told you the things you loved most about them seemed insignificant to them? Their best features are the ones they can’t even acknowledge. Now think of all the things you don’t acknowledge about yourself.

Your bright smile, your intellectual mind, your strong heart, your contagious personality, whatever it is. How is it that everyone else can see those things but the thoughts inside you tell you those things are outweighed by the embarrassing things you did last week or your awkward personality? No one wants to spend their time, let alone their life, with someone who can’t see past their problems and into their strengths.

Someone could be the most attractive person alive but if they don’t have a kind heart, what’s the point? What’s the point of putting on all this makeup or paying $50 for a new shirt if everything underneath is still uncomfortable?

Be the person you are. The person that the people who truly LOVE you will want you to be. Be the person you want your daughter or son to be. Respect your great qualities because they are there. Respect the qualities you hate because they are there, too. And regardless of who you want to be, you’ll never be that person AND be happy. No matter who you want to be, I bet that person wants to be someone else, too. It’s a never-ending cycle created by our mind. And the only thing stronger than our minds is our hearts and the happiness in them. Do everything for yourself. To create a person who is happy. When everyone else can see happiness in you, THAT is when you will feel most loved. Love yourself or you’ll never know how to love others. So please, never tell yourself you’re anything but great. You’re so unique. No one has ever been like you. No one will ever be like you. You will never be anyone else.

Be yourself.