Many people consider solitude as a punishment, a cruel sanction we never know why we got. Being alone means that it's just you and yourself, nobody else. Nobody can hear you; only yourself. Nobody can see how you look, feel how you feel. It's just your soul against the rest of the world.

However, I have learned that sometimes you just need moments to get away from everything. A little bit of solitude actually helps the human psyche. A little bit of solitude fortifies the being who fears solitude as long as they embrace it.

It is when I am alone that I feel like I can breathe without living to the expectations of others.

It is when I'm alone that I am able to file each thought that runs through my mind and give it the time I know it deserves.

Being alone shouldn't always be considered as a punishment, a form to distance yourself because you can't stand being around people.

We live in a world where "connection" is a thing we crave twenty-four seven. We live in a world were connection and sympathy are things we feed off, a form of sustenance that can become toxic for one in the future. Balancing connection and solitude in one's life is something that we should all start practicing.

I'm well aware that when one is alone, the entire weight of the world falls upon one. I'm well aware that one's ugliest thoughts might surface like a white shark coming for its fresh meal. It can be frightening, I know. Somehow, I've come to appreciate myself a little more.

Somehow, I've come to learn that I can be the best company I can offer myself because nobody knows me the way I know myself. Sometimes I may wonder who I may be, but at least I know what I like, what I can do, and where my limit stands on certain things. I have tried to learn every inch of my mind and body and soul, and I've slowly started to accept myself as a friend, instead of a foe.

I don't know what may go through many of people's minds, and I rarely do know what goes in my head, but I manage. I pluck out a plastic ball with a metallic claw and read what's inside, and I try to deal with it. I take my thoughts slowly, remembering that I am both weak and strong, that I could be overwhelmed and drowned or stand victorious. I acknowledge both outcomes, and I push.

This is why I recommend you to treat yourself kindly. You are your best companion, your best friend. There will be moments when solitude won't be an optional thing. At one point, maybe nobody will be around on the desert of your mind. There will be nobody to turn to and at that moment, you will only have yourself to rely on.