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Ladies, the gynecologist should not be Just a dreaded appointment

Seriously, your gynecologist should be your best friend, after all they’re looking in your vagina!

Ladies, the gynecologist should not be Just a dreaded appointment

To my ob/gyn: You girl are my favorite! You answer all of my life's questions. Even if it's related to my vagina or not.

So to bring you up to speed, I'm turning twenty in two weeks and my primary care doctor said I should find an ob/gyn provider, so I did! I don't need a Pap smear since I'm not twenty-one, but having a provider is a good experience.

Now I've heard all kinds of insane horror stories about women going to the ob/gyn and feeling uncomfortable, or feeling like they've been taken advantage of, but this lady is like my best friend! I should also disclose that I work in the same building as her, and see her on a professional non-patient level pretty regularly.

But I walked in and everything is low key, receptionists are super friendly, the medical assistant is really nice and comforting. So I go to a resident ob/gyn clinic; all the doctors are learning. But girl! This doctor was the best person ever! She's asking me all kinds of questions about if I feel safe at home and in my relationship (it's a hospital policy) and then she asks about if I've been having any gynecological symptoms like pain, or trouble urinating. After the barrage of questions, she says "well you don't need a pelvic exam since we aren't doing a pap." Well I'm pretty sure my jaw hit the ground because ladies, as we've all heard, usually the ob/gyn requires the dreaded pelvic exam.

She also informed me, that yearly pelvic exams without a pap smear aren't really required anymore; and that home monthly breast exams are a thing of the past! Of course don't listen to me for your medical advice but ask your ob/gyn ladies!

If you're uncomfortable with your ob/gyn, it might be time to find one around your age, or even just someone else. You should be able to ask them any question about your vagina, your breasts, or even your significant others vagina or penis. They should be able to answer any question you have, and you should feel comfortable asking them any question! Ladies, make sure you have a support lady doctor!

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