A Love Letter To Coffee

Dear Drop Of Dark Sunshine,

The roses are jealous,
Because the violets are pretty,
But they have nothing on you,
For you light up a city.

Oh, Coffee, my one true love. If it weren't for you, I'd be tucked away in bed all day until the night-owl hours of the morning. Sing me a tune of Light versus Dark and swirl it all into one stained cup. I'd like to say thanks, for your silly antics: Keeping me bright-eyed and bushy-tailed throughout the unforgiving morning. You amaze me how you complement eggs and bacon so well, yet you fit so perfectly with white cake.

Shall death do us part, then death may it be. I'd rather sink into darkness than be ripped from your scaldings. A day with you is a day well spent. Steam and all, your beauty beholds my taste buds. I'd especially drink you on a dreary morning, where the rain brings out your vanilla highlights in your chocolate tresses.

I love you, Coff, and I love when we spend time countless moments together. Like on those said rainy days, where "Titanic" blasts from my TV screen. Like Mr. Dawson and Ms. Bukater, we have our own epic romantic disaster story.

"Draw me like one of your French girls," Rose whispers to Jack on the blaring screen, as I squeeze you into the perfect cup of French press.

But now you're angry, for I have sinned.

Once two halves of one coffee bean, we were. That is, until I broke away for a day to try something different. But surely you can't be mad, my love. I didn't leave you, I'd never -- I couldn't. I caved for tea, because tea benefits me.

Sure, tea has honey and lemon, but you have sugar and cream. Your roasted interior are everything I look for, everything I need.

Would it help if I said, "I-love-you-a-latte?" or "You look skim in black"? Would it give me any benefit of the doubt if I said that I like your bitter side? Maybe even a little bit more than how sweet I know you can be? Oh, Coffee, give me one more chance. One more morning to show you how much you mean to this caffeine addict. You may quit me, but I won't quit you.

I mean, how could I? How does one abandon their soulmate? The one that they've gone on so many adventures with?

We've attended the fictional school of Pencey Prep, where we followed Holden into the big, scary world of life. Jubilantly, you and I finally got to take part in the Ceremony of Twelve with Jonas, where we watched gleefully as the others were assigned their roles. We even had to face Room 101, in which we secretly followed Winston.

Many adventures can make a traveler weary, but know this,

I treasure sleep, but you're the only one I'll stay up all night for.

With love,

Early Bird

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