7 People You're Sure To See Around West Chester University
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7 People You're Sure To See Around West Chester University

"I know exactly who you're talking about!"

7 People You're Sure To See Around West Chester University

Every campus has its famous students, professors and employees. You see them day in and day out and they're undeniably a part of why you love your school so much, so let's not take them for granted. It's time to finally give them the spotlight they deserve. Here is a list of some of the well-known people who you're sure to see around West Chester University and you may even find some similarities in these people that remind you of other campuses as well:

1. Diner Dan

Diner Dan would probably get the superlative for West Chester's most popular person on campus. You'll find him almost always working the register at the diner and asking the age-old question, "How're you paying?" You can safely bet he'll make a funny remark and sometimes you can't help but laugh. Here he is posing for a selfie and throwing up the peace sign. Clearly he gives the campus some more personality and he truly makes the diner, the diner.

2. Unicycle Man

This man is a triple-threat. He has long flowing hair, incredible balance, and he's the humble owner of a unicycle. I've never seen him walk anywhere. He always rides his way to get to where he needs to be. I don't know about you, but every time I see him, I feel like I'm watching a circus act and I'm in awe of how he never falls! Expect to see him every now and then zipping by quickly and impressively.

3. John From Einstein's

If there was a West Chester version of Everybody Love's Raymond, it would be called Everybody Loves John. John is the man who works at the on-campus Einstein's Bros. Bagel Shop. He's the first person you see in line and the one who takes your name and order. You can be sure he'll ask the first letter of your name and then how many letters are in it. He won't only surprise you with how quickly he guesses your name, but with how fast he'll remember your name and face the next time you visit.

4. The Barefooted Wonder

You know you've seen her at least once and you couldn't believe your eyes. Usually with warmer weather comes t-shirts, shorts, and maybe sandals, but bare feet? Call it whatever you want - crazy, dirty, or strange, it's a thing for some people and why? Well you'd have to ask her. Nevertheless she's been seen walking around West Chester and she too helps make this campus what it is.

5. Your High School Acquaintance

It doesn't matter how large the campus is, you can be sure to run into someone from your high school. They're not famous to the whole school, but they're definitely famous to you. They walk your way and you don't know what to do. You might have said at most a word or two to them in high school, but it's OK. A smile and a wave will do just fine and honestly, what's a campus without a few familiar faces, right?

6. The Biology Department's Jack Waber

Jack Waber is a popular biology professor on campus. He isn't pictured here, but he is an older man and sports a long white and braided rat tail, so it looks like he would fit in nicely with this gang of motorcyclists. He's a very busy guy so you'll probably see him roaming around at some point. And even if you don't catch a glimpse of him around campus, you can be sure to at least hear some mixed opinions and stories about him from fellow students. Frankly, most people aren't a fan of him, but West Chester just wouldn't be complete without him.

7. Ms. Betty In Lawrence Dining Hall

Last, but not least by any means - Ms. Betty is an adorable elderly woman who swipes your ID to get into the main dining hall at West Chester. She looks almost identical to this photo too. You see her and you're reminded of all that is good in the world. You just can't help but want to give her a hug and say I love you as if she's your own grandmother. She's probably so wise, kind and loving, but also someone you'll surely run into around West Chester.

Across the board, West Chester has quite the list of popular people and some of these may even relate to other college campuses as well. They all are so important and the campus wouldn't be the same without them. So to Diner Dan, the Barefooted Wonder, Ms. Betty and all the rest, we thank you so much because you truly make the campus what it is and you're a part of why we love West Chester University as much as we do.

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