I Love You So Much, Sister

I do not know what I would do without you. I might not be around that much, but know I couldn't live without you.

You are what keeps me waking up every morning and keeps me going. I do everything I can to be the best example for you.

I try in my everyday life to have the potential to be called your sister. I mean, I am so unworthy to have a sister as great as you. God has honestly made me the luckiest person in the world all because of you. Watching you grow up has been the best experience I have ever seen in my life.

Just seeing your face light up when you see me, binge watching Netflix on the couch, screaming at the top of our lungs because our favorite song comes on, or gossiping about family issues (even though we probably shouldn't) is what I live for. You have no idea how much you truly mean to me.

I know we haven't got along most of our lives, but I only get on your nerves so bad because it's funny when you get mad.

Here are a few life tips you better live by:

1. Never let a guy make you feel like you have to change your appearance, your attitude, or your goals for him, if he truly likes you, he will like you just the way you are.

2. Always be an optimist in even the worst of times, because it will make that situation so much simpler to get through.

3. Push yourself in school!!! I can not stress this enough. Never get lazy with your school work, I understand you might have cheerleading, soccer, or softball, but sometime in the future that will not be there anymore and you are going to get thrown out into the real world. Set goals for yourself to study every weeknight, make straight As, and/or graduate in the top 5 percent in your class! You want to be a neurosurgeon or a veterinarian? Setting those goals for yourself and accomplishing them will make it so much easier to get excepted into college and get a full ride scholarship!

4. Listen to your parents. They know way more than you do about life. No matter how many times you think they are wrong, they probably are not.

5. Lastly but most importantly give everything to God. Pray to him. Read your bible. Give all the glory to him. He made you the wonderful, beautiful, magnificent little girl you are. Always remember that.

Oh and always remember that the only reason I push you so hard is because I want to see you do amazing things and not make the mistakes I did growing up.

I can't help but wonder what amazing things you will do in the future. Remember your "favorite" (wink, wink) sister is always here for you!

I love you so dearly it's unreal.


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