I have recently come across this amazing company that just launched. This company, Love Local Apparel, is centered around Carrollton, Georgia which makes it even sweeter. Carrollton is the little town where my school resides, the University of West Georgia. But right now, I want to share with you a few things about this company and why is changing my outlook on life.

Love Local was just started by 2 small town girls who had a passion and dreams bigger than anyone else. Their mission is simple:

Our mission is to provide quality, unique apparel that brings the community together through spreading love by giving back.

I was lucky enough recently to win a T-shirt from local love apparel, it will be here soon. What is cool about the apparel itself is that each item is not only made locally, but 12% of the profit will go straight to charities in Carrollton. So not only are you getting a quality product from them, but you are also helping support our local community.

I love when I get to give back, I’m not sure about you. I love knowing that part of my money is going to those who really need it. Charities are important to support because they are what helps make our environment of Keep Carroll Beautiful cleaner, but it will also be nicer to be around. Being kind to others is always a good quality to have and it certainly will help make our world become full of more love.

I really hope you take the chance to check them out, they would appreciate it!