Dear Wawa,

Thanks for always being there any time of the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner…and snack time and dessert and a late-night treat. Whether it was a breakfast sandwich, a quesadilla, or a perfectly blended milkshake you always knew just what I wanted to eat.

Thank you for being open 24/7. Multiple stops during one day, or the perfect place to stop on a late night drive home or a quick bite before an early work shift; you have it all! Your "Sizzli Breakfast Sandwiches" are the only thing to make this coffee hater fully awake in the morning.

Not to mention one of your cream smoothies topped with a ton of chocolate chips is the perfect thing to cool me down after a long day.

Thank you for being a one-stop shop. While others may judge you for being world's best gas station, I think that's what makes you unique. Sure maybe the initial idea may seem weird, but I guess I've never known any different. Sure other gas stations try to be as great as you, but no one can compare to the thrill of walking into any one of your storefronts and pressing the magical touch-screen kiosk trying to decide what I'll order today.

And if it's not a touch-screen kind of day then you have whatever else it is I want, whether it's a cheese filled pretzel, a Coke slushie, sliced apples and peanut butter in a super convenient container, picking up some milk or just getting gas.

Once again, thanks for everything you do Wawa.

Yours truly,

Every Wawa Customer Ever