A love letter to the Girl I was One Year ago
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A love letter to the Girl I was One Year ago

Words that I know I desperately needed one year ago

A love letter to the Girl I was One Year ago
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"Even Miracles take a little time"

-The Fairy God Mother

To the girl I was one year ago,

The pain and emptiness that you feel now is not going to be permanent and you just have to keep fighting for your strength. I know that you are hurting and no one knows how to help you, because you're not even sure how to help yourself. The good news is that the pain is temporary and this set back is preparing you for the ultimate comeback.

At this point in your life, I know that you feel like things aren't going to get better, but if you were sitting where I sit now, then you would see miracles taking place. The way that life happens is not always fair, but the creator is doing this to benefit you. You don't have to understand gods plan in order to obey his plan.

Stop trying to fix things, plan things or analyze situations and just live. People will come in and out of your life and its not your responsibility to stop them. Let these people walk out of your life, in preparation for the people who are to come. Please keep in mind that just because someone new comes into your life, if they aren't helping you become the best version of your self then they are just as toxic as those who shut the door on you before.

You deserve people in your life who encourage you to be the best you and nothing short of that. You are not perfect and even one year from now, or one hundred years from now, you will fall short of perfection. Perfection Is not meant for us, but only for our savior and redeemer. Through his perfection and love you are redeemed from all of your mistakes and short comings.


You are in control of this crazy and messy life that you live and more than anything I want you to know that you are worth it and you are not a waste. I know exactly what you need to hear at this point in your life and I promise that if you raise above this darkness you're in, you will find the light. I know its hard, because one year ago I stood in your place, I thought I was at the end of the road and that I had nothing else to contribute to this world, but I was wrong,

Here I am, I fought the good fight and I didn't give up, and I'm writing to you a year later, in a better frame of mind, just give it time and keep believing. life has a funny way of working out when you open your mind and heart up to happiness. Love yourself because you are the best source of help when others cannot reach you.


yourself in one year.

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