A Love Letter to The Atlanta Falcons
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A Love Letter to The Atlanta Falcons

This is intended to sound awkward as if it's a high school love letter.

A Love Letter to The Atlanta Falcons

Dear Atlanta Falcons,

There is something I've been wanting to tell you for a while and I'm not entirely sure what the right words are to say it but I've felt something ever since Week 3. During Week 3, I felt a spark between you and I. I feel there's no point in mincing words. I love you.

I love your quarterback, Matt Ryan who played at a level that screams: "league MVP" all season long. I love your running back, Devonta Freeman who runs like he's angry at something on every single down, as well as Tevin Coleman, a wonderful receiving back, the best backfield in the NFL. I love your wide receiving core. Julio Jones, Mohamed Sanu, Taylor Gabriel. You made no-names into serviceable players. 13 players on your team have caught a touchdown pass. Among them are Aldrick Robinson, Levine Toilolo, Nick Williams, Patrick DiMarco, Joshua Perkins, and DJ Tialevea. You have the #1 scoring offense with 33.8 PPG. The Saints were 2nd with 29.3.

I love your defense, your flawed defense. Your flaws only make you so much better. Deion Jones and Keanu Neal, both rookies, are very good. Both of them surpassed the 100 tackle mark and were 1 and 2 on the team in tackles. Deion Jones also led the team in interceptions with 3 (which is more of a testament to how much secondary help they need.) Vic Beasley led the team in sacks (15.5) and forced fumbles (6). You need some defensive help but I can look past that. You have drafted well in the past and things are looking up for the defense and it hasn't hindered you this year with your high-powered offense.

I have been watching you every week since Week 3 and every week you amaze me. You make do with little on defense because of how explosive you are on offense. You are likely losing your offensive coordinator to San Francisco which hopefully won't impact the offense a lot. I wouldn't expect them to play at the same level they did this past year regardless but is there worry they regress farther than we expect and their defense can't help them? That will definitely be a focus in the offseason and I hope you all stay dominant. You guys have what it takes to challenge the Packers and then put up a fight against the Steelers or Patriots in Super Bowl LI and emerge victorious as NFL champions.

Rise Up.

Logan Franz

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