Don't Give Up On Love

Throughout my high school years, I suffered through quite a few heartbreaks when it came to romance. After each one, I was always told the cliches, like there are plenty of fish in the sea or one day my prince would come. At first, I believed it, and patiently waited until the perfect boy came along. Potential Prince Charmings entered my life, but after playing with my emotions, they proved not to be the ideal boy either.

Suffering through a couple breakups eventually had me feeling defeated. I was terrified to feel that kind of pain again, so I figured if I just stopped dating, there would be no way to experience that.

Seeing couples outside or beautiful romance movies made me realize that this was no way to approach the situation. I wanted to find someone that would make me feel the way Rose did when she spoke to Jack, but I didn't know how to do this while ensuring that I wouldn't get hurt.

After giving up for a while because I still lived in fear of getting devastated by a boy, I remember getting a piece of advice that not every boyfriend needs to turn into a husband. Initially, I was confused because I thought that finding your soulmate was the whole purpose of dating. They later explained that yes, people date to find a forever love, but sometimes that doesn't work out and that's actually okay. Dating when you're young is meant to be a learning experience, yet it still has the possibility to last.

I accepted this wise guidance and eventually reopened my heart. I'm extremely grateful that I did because it allowed me to begin dating my current boyfriend, Louis. He allowed me to break the lock I had around my heart because he proved to be the kindest, most genuine, loving person.

This taught me that some people truly have all of the right intentions and if it's true love, your partner would go to the ends of the world for you. He's everything that I didn't even know I needed in a boyfriend and more. In the past nine months of being together, he has turned me into my best self and has guaranteed that I always feel appreciated.

I now recognize the influence getting your heart shattered can have, and it actually serves a positive impact. Yes, breakups hurt... a lot. No matter how traumatic the heartbreak, everyone has an opportunity to gather themselves after a suitable period of mourning and use their experiences to better their next relationship.

Former flings teach a person the traits that someone should seek and those to be wary of. Knowing the red flags of a partner that doesn't consider your feelings as a priority could save someone from future pain. Most importantly, being with someone who doesn't completely value your love will further your appreciation for those that do.

To this day, I still don't believe in many cliches, but I know this one is certain: you must kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.

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