I am MILSO. Most people will ask, “What is that?” It is a Military Significant Other. I have heard time and time again that it will never work and been asked what is the point in even trying when there are many miles between him and I. I never thought I would date someone in the military. When we are apart, I am usually home trying to pass time or working to build my future up, so that when we are able to see each other, we are set for the future.

Time carries all the meaning in the world and little to no meaning at the same time. I say this because time is the number. Number of days, weeks, months, or maybe years until the men and women who are dedicated to serving this country get to see their loved ones. It is always until next time. There is always hope they will come home, because who wants to think about their loved ones not returning home. The little to no meaning of time is because time can move so slowly. Some days move quicker than others but it has been four months without being able to hold and kiss my boyfriend. It takes a lot of me.

Going so long without any real affection from someone who means so much takes a toll on our relationship. I have been tough and doing a good job of letting my emotions out. I cry every now and then because some nights it would be nice to snuggle up (a body pillow has done me well). We stay up and talk until one of us falls asleep on the phone. Many nights we will forget to hang up and we will wake up to each other just as if we were together. Those mornings are nice, but also hard to handle because I am quickly reminded that I have to be so far away from him.

It’s crazy to think that someone so special could love me the same amount and a little more every day with the distance. I will say long distance is not forever and it is not for everyone. A relationship can work no matter the distance, if there is strength, love, faith, and trust. Every day is a new challenge but it is always a new addition the adventure that we are on.