Just from my few weeks of living in a town with well over a hundred thousand people, I have come to find myself missing the little things about my hometown. Louisiana, Missouri is one of those towns that everyone wants to get out of but always finds themselves going back.

1. Everyone knows everyone.

Everyone knows everything. For those who may not know you personally, after telling them your last name, turns out they do know all about you and your mom and brother and uncle.

2. Road trips are not as fun without gravel.

There's just something about riding on gravel roads all day with your friends, blaring music with the windows down that can never get old.

3. Everyone has been out to visit Mary.

Everyone's got their picture with the Virgin Mary.

4. There is no better way to spend hot summer days than going out on the Mississippi River.

The river, not the lake. Yes, we take boats out on the river. We float down the river, we ride on jet skis or go hang out on the sand bar. And yes, we do actually swim in the river water. We're gross, I know.

5. Roller Coaster Road in the fall may be the prettiest thing you've ever laid eyes on.

Here's a picture to prove it.

6. The rivalry is real.

We fight like cats and dogs. No pun intended. But, they always make for fun games.

7. We are all one big family.

For the most part, we all love each other. We all grew up together, or around each other. We all meet up to go to sporting events or on the river or to someone's house for a party. The kind of friendships you get from your small-town are those like no other.

I love Louisiana, Missouri. Not a day goes by when I don't think of my hometown and miss some aspect of my life back there. So, for those of you wishing you could get out. Enjoy it while you're still there because chances are, you will miss it once you leave.

XO and best wishes,

Ashley Rose Corbin