It is inevitable that in every family that does not have only one child that there will be an oldest. In my family, that position falls to me. And in many ways it is miserable, but in many other ways, it is the best thing that could happen to me.

When asked, my little sister always replies that she "loves being the youngest because she gets all the attention" and in many ways, this is true. Despite being only a year away from high school, my mother seems to be under the impression that she is literally an infant (and probably will be for all of eternity). If she does something wrong or forgets to put something away, she is always excused with the explanation that she is "so little!"

Me, on the other hand, had the exact opposite hand.

I was told that I was "older" and it was "my responsibility" to take care of things such as putting clothing away, or driving my siblings' places, or helping my mom out with chores around the house. Just as she will always be an infant in my mother's eyes, I will always be a wise old woman.

She got a phone in third grade, while I had to wait until middle school. Because "times are changing!" She can watch whatever show she wants, even though I had parental censors on my life until I was all but packing my belongings into college boxes. She has a comprehensive list of which classes to take in high school, while I discovered it all through trial and error. In many ways, she lives a life that is easier than mine.

However, there are two sides to every coin. She gets babied, this is undeniable. And while this is fun when you're in elementary school, no 13-year-old wants to hear it. She has 4 sets of eyes judging her every move (my brother and I are essentially the second set of parents), something I never had to deal with. She is out of the loop: she doesn't get half of the jokes that we make at dinner, and can't understand half of the arguments that we have.

And she doesn't get to have the joy of watching a baby sister grow up.

It is one of the most beautiful things, to somehow watch her morph from this thing that just slept and cried into a human being. Into a little sister that I could order around and dress up and until she finally became a best friend that I can share stories with and laugh with and gossip with and simply be with.

Every time I come home from college it seems that she has aged years, and before I know it the 6 years between us will simply vanish into oblivion, and we will become equals in almost every sense of the word. It is both a bizzare and beautiful phenomenon to watch her grow, and one that I would not give up for the world.

So yes, maybe she gets favored, and maybe she gets coddled, and maybe she has it easier. But in the end, I get the better end of the deal. Besides, who would want to be an infant for all of eternity, anyway?