Hallmark Holiday Movies Are The Best Holiday Tradition

I love celebrating holidays. From the sweet romance of St. Valentine's Day to the spiritual significance of Easter, and from the patriotism of Independence Day to the lights and decorations of Christmas, I can't get enough of the holidays and the special celebrations that they bring year-round. But no matter what the season, one of my favorite traditions, by far, is watching holiday movies on the Hallmark Channel.

For those who don't already know, Hallmark (otherwise known as that glittery little shop in the mall that sells gifts for grandmas and also a slew of greeting cards for every occasion) has its own television channels, which feature classic shows and original movies 24/7. While all of their programming is pretty great, I love their holiday film franchises best of all.

There's nothing that puts me in the mood to celebrate quite like a Hallmark holiday movie. If a holiday is coming up soon and I'm just not feeling the festive spirit, a Hallmark holiday movie will fix it. When I'm stressing about an assignment or some other life-problem, I can flip on a Hallmark movie and get lost in the picture-perfect fairyland of holiday cheer, where likable heroes and heroines always have a happy ending.

Whether I'm on a break from school and work and I'm trying to relax, or I just want something to play in the background while I wrap presents or decorate my Christmas tree, Hallmark movies are my go-to for easy-to-follow plot lines and heartwarming stories.

And that brings me to my next point: Hallmark holiday movies may be low-budget, but they spare no expense when it comes to predictable, sappy romances and sentimental tales of friends and families.

Even though some of the scripting and acting is cringe-worthy (see Christmas in Evergreen, 2017), and many of the films feel formulaic and suspiciously similar in terms of plot points (including the fact that almost all of them seem to be set in the same charming inn in the same small town in Middle America), I appreciate the sweet, uncomplicated nature of these films in the midst of my not-so-sweet, highly-complicated modern life.

When my family's holiday celebrations are not up to my very particular, very festive standards, I love that I can always rely on Hallmark movies to bring the cheer for whatever day we're celebrating (or not celebrating).

When I'm disillusioned by my unexciting, unromantic love life, movies like The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (2008) or The Lost Valentine (2011) not only leave me misty-eyed, but help me believe in spontaneity and romance again. And they do it all in an innocent, family-friendly format, so you don't have to worry about impressionable younger siblings or protective parents wandering in while you're watching!

No matter what the holiday or how you're feeling, I encourage you to flip on the Hallmark channel and see what special seasonal movies are playing. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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