Research Your Dog's Breed

Research Your Dog's Breed

What and why people need to research breeds before getting them.

Okay, Let's be honest, we all love dogs. If not, there is something wrong with you. Just kidding. But seriously. I mean with images like this, how can we not love a creature that is just excited to spend more time with you?

But even though dogs have been our best friends since the beginning of time, we need to return the favor. Dogs do such a good job with loving us and taking of our needs, we need to do the same. How do we start this? By researching breeds of course! I get it. Pugs are adorable, and Corgis are even cuter, but each time I hear someone say oh I want this breed because they are so cute, I get frustrated. Not because they want a dog, but because they may have no clue what they are getting themselves into. It is this very mindset that makes more dogs end up in the shelter for just sheer ignorance.

I know. It's shocking. So what are some things to research before finding your perfect pooch?

1. For starters, what is the breed used for and intended for?

What is the breed bred for? How many people know that poodles are actually highly intelligent and bred to be hunters and retrievers? Or how about the fact that Corgis, which are becoming more popular than ever, are bred none other than to heard cattle? That's right. Don't be fooled by their short stature, their height is actually a way to avoid being kicked.

By ignoring these basic facts about a breed, you may not be able to handle a dog accordingly, and your dog may suffer from it. So make sure you know a dog's intelligence, energy, and temperament before making an investment in a dog that may end up not working for your lifestyle.

2. Know health risks.

Labradors are prone to hip problems, and short dogs with long backs, such a Basset Hounds and Corgis, are prone to back problems. It is important to know these things before getting a breed, as to know what signs to look for. Perhaps the most commonly missed ones is that dogs that have pushed in faces, such as Pugs, French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, and Shih Tzus have breathing problems, and actually should NOT wear collars because it can restrict their breathing too much. It is things like this that are so overlooked, but can make a pet absolutely miserable. Talk to a veterinarian about potential health risks to look out for, or even just look it up online.

3. Know what You want to do with Your Pooch.

Do you want to to just have a couch potato to lounge around the house with you? Well then don't get a shepherd. Do you want a dog for therapy work? Then maybe a gentle labrador or sweet natured pug would be a good match for you. Do you want a dog that will just love your kids and be a good family dog? Dogs like Akitas who do not like children unless raised with them are probably not a good idea. And dogs like Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Australian Shepherds may try to herd children. The best way to do look up how a dog deals with what your desired purpose is is to ask around, or even just looking it up. But knowing first hand experience will help you tremendously.

4. Grooming Needs and Training Ability

What levels are you going to go to for your dog? Not a huge fan of shedding? Don't get a Siberian Husky. Don't want to have to spend gobs of money at a groomer? Better avoid getting a Standard Poodle. It is crucial to know what you want, will, and won't for grooming needs, and what type of dog works best for the level of grooming you will offer. Also, how patient are you with training? Do you want a dog that wants nothing more than to please you? Well a gentle Golden Retriever may be the way to go, as all they want to do is please you. Want a dog that is always five steps ahead of you? A shepherd or herding dog is the way to go there. They will always be up for a challenge and know what you are thinking five minutes before you do.

Even though many of these things may seem like no brainers, many people don't know the first thing when it comes to dogs, and as a result, get a wrong breed for their lifestyle and taste. Always make sure to look up any breed before getting them, and talk to vets as well as reputable breeders should you get one from a breeder. But always remember, adoption is always an option. But no matter what dog you end up deciding is for you, it will love you all the same.

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An Open Letter To My Dog In Heaven

You're so incredibly loved and missed.

You have been there every day for so long. I woke up and went to bed every day knowing you were there and would still be there when I awoke the next morning. You never failed to greet me with an ecstatic wagging tail and an adorable toothy smile whenever I walked into the room. I missed you every single second that we weren't together. We have been the best of friends since the day we met, and our bond has only strengthen throughout the years.

However, as I grew older, so did you. As I was able to do more, you were able to do less. I was able to drive, go to the movies on my own, and apply to college. But you, you couldn't jump as high anymore, you couldn't run as fast as you used to, you couldn't swim as much as you would have liked. Even when your abilities declined, you still remained the happiest pup I had ever met and would continue to always try your hardest to make me happy.

Then the day came. That dreadful, dreadful day. The day where I had to watch you take your last breath as I laid by your side, the day where I had to watch the vet take away the best friend that I had ever known. As horrible as that moment was, and as sad as I still am, I am at peace.

I am at peace because I know that you are in a much, much better place. I know that as soon as you took your last breath here on Earth, God swept your beautiful, innocent soul from the ground and flew you to Heaven. I know that you have gained your furry little wings that you so rightfully deserve, and I am proud that I was able to know and love such an amazing little angel as you.

As I am still here on Earth, I can't say that I know what Heaven above is like for you, but I hope that you are truly having the time of your life. I hope that you are surrounded by perfectly green meadows filled with colorful flowers and blanketed by the bluest skies and the brightest rays of sunshine. I hope that you have hundreds of different lakes, ponds, streams, and even oceans to swim in as much as your sweet little heart pleases. I hope that you have already met with all of our relatives up there and that they give you endless treats and belly rubs, since I no longer can. I hope that all of your pain and suffering has vanished, allowing you to be the young, energetic pup that you once were and have been longing to be for so long now.

Even though we are no longer physically together anymore, you will forever remain in my heart and soul. You were a blessing sent from above, and now, God needs you back. Thank you for completing me and teaching me important life lessons; I will carry you with me everywhere I go until we meet again. I love you, my guardian angel.

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Every Household Needs A Dog

Dog lovers have got it right.


Whether it's 101 Dalmatians or a St. Bernard named Beethoven, every household needs a dog. Forget cats, fish, and hamsters! They have their perks but nothing beats a dog. I mean look at that face!

Here are eight reasons dogs are a must:

1. They are great with kids


When trained properly, dogs make great playmates for kids. They give children the opportunity to develop and interact with the natural world around them.

2. They are protective


From the smallest pup to the largest dog, all dogs will protect your home from any danger. Whether it is from a lizard that crept in or a burglar, your dog will alarm you of any unwanted guests.

3. They make great companions


Dogs have a great intuition to tell if you are feeling down. They are readily there to offer comfort. Dogs also are always ready to celebrate with you. They jump even at the simple act of you coming home.

4. They love to cuddle


Cold nights watching Netflix just got 100 times better with your furry friend. They will even cover your eyes during the scary parts of the movie.

5. They make you laugh


Dogs have their own sense of humor that is incomparable to any other. With simply chasing their tails, you can be entertained for hours.

6. They bring you gifts


Dogs are generous by nature. They see your shoes on the ground, they will bring them to you. They see a cool stick, they'll want you to see it too.

7. They are loyal


I've never seen a service cat. But I sure have seen a service dog. Dogs are loyal and obedient. Once you fall for each other, they never leave your side.

8. They are adorable


Finally, dogs are just so darn cute! How can you say no to loving them!!

Dogs are the best! You can have other pets, but a dog is a must.

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